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What's the best way to show a conservative parent a tattoo?

I am and 18 year old female. I still live with my parents, and I got a rather large tattoo across my chest. It says amor vincit omnia in script across my collar bones, it means love conquers all in Latin. I don't know how to show, or tell my parents.What's the best way to show a conservative parent a tattoo?
You could say, ';Mom/Dad I don't think you are going to like this but I got a tattoo.';.What's the best way to show a conservative parent a tattoo?
The same way you show everyone else. After all..Love conquers all.
Just break it to them gently... do you know how your rents feel about tats? Do they actually dislike them personally or do they just dislike them because that's what ';bad girls'; do?

My mum has never liked tats on girls, but my dad had some on his arms so I at least had one card to play there. Have you got any relatives with inkwork?

I hope they don't think it's soo bad that they ask you to leave, but it might be worth double checking with a grandparent/friend that they have a floor/bed/couch you could use for a couple of nights.

In my experience, parents will always forgive you- they have to, it's their job lol!

Just be thankful you didn't have a major attack of guilt (at the age of 21 may I add) that you'd just got your tongue pierced, so you called your ma to tell her! She didn't speak to me for days. I couldn't speak either so it worked out ok... lol
the first one i got i came home and showed it to my mom , i said ';look mom i got a tattoo';. she just started laughing and said '; that is not real';. i did not argue with her but she could never say i did not tell her. she was pissed later when she seen i had four and then she knew they were real but she got over that and now she just mentions that she hopes i never have to have surgery where they are so they will not get messed up. they get over it.
I just showed up with mine one day.

I really don't suggest that approach.
I hate telling my parents about new tattoos...I have lots and they have always disliked them...however I usually just let them find out whenever they see it. I do not live at home however and my parents really have no say in what I do. They know I love them and I know they love me...a little tattoo would never change that.
Your in deep sh**
';id sit her down'; and say mum you have showed me many things in life I've been often contemplating on how i could go about expressing my gratitude for all your love and guidance though these years i really love you so i got this (then show her) i know you may not approve of my way of expression just understand i was thinking you when i got this

if that don't work try humor it always works to cool her down so say something like this ';after you say speech'; so does that mean i cant get my nipple pierced?
hon, you are 18. time to grow up and tell them. you chose a very OBVIOUS place for a large tattoo (not my first choice, BUT...), so it's time to step up. they can't make you remove it, and if that's a reason for them to kick you out of the house, then you need to accept that. if that tat means something to you, then great. I'm a big fan of tattoos, and i have one.

bite the bullet, and show them. it doesn't change who you are, but they will freak. be prepared to have to pack your bags. hopefully it won't come to that. good luck! you'll be fine.
just casualy walk and dont say anything unless the see it.

Move out of there.
When my dad first noticed my tattoo (I didn't mention it, but it's hard to miss- I have a full back tattoo), he was pretty irritated about it. My simple approach was,

';Dad. I don't smoke, I don't drink, I don't have promiscuous sex, I don't do illegal drugs. There are a lot worse things I could be doing to my body than getting a tattoo in a clean, safe parlor.';

He dropped the issue then and there.
surprise them.. My mom saw mine when I was going down the stairs pulling my hair up (my tattoo is on the back of my neck).. she saw it and didn't really comment the first couple of days but then she got over it.. they'll get upset for a while but then they'll understand it's your body and you'll have to live with it.. so yeah.. do surprise them.. and remember.. what they don't know won't hurt them..
To show my parents my first tattoo, I took a picture of it, and later showed them it on my camera. I asked ';Oh, what do you think about this tattoo?'; and when they answered I just put in ';It's mine.';

They were kind of in shock at first, and didn't believe me. Then they asked to see it...asked why I did it, and then ulitimately just said ';Its your life and your body, I hope you can live with this forever.'; I simply replied, ';I don't do anything bad, I don't drink, do drugs, go out and party, ect. so if this is the absolute WORST thing I do, shouldn't you be happy its' this and not something else?';

They finally agreed, and although I'm sure they're not totally happy with all of my tattoos, they're thankful I'm not addicted to something else.
When I told my mother about my first tattoo, I called her and said, ';Mom guess what.. I got my nose pierced and I got a tattoo!'; She said, ';No you didn't!'; and I said, ';OK, you're right, I didn't get my nose pierced...';

She still wasn't happy about the tattoo, but she chuckled at my approach.
I did the same thing. I waited a few months before I told my gparents (I use to live with). I was really suprised by their reaction though. I basically said - hey i got a tattoo, and it means a lot to me.

I promised I wouldnt get anymore and they actually like the stars now. So... I just got ';Amor Occidit'; (Love Kills) in script down my right side. Haven't showed them that one yet, lol. Maybe in a few days.

Honestly though, you're 18 and it's your body. You may be in shock like me at their reactions.... Good Luck!
your 18 years old, you can make your own decisions. tell them the truth and they will respect your decision
Wear a sleeveless Tshirt and a covering scarf, after dinner remove scarf and say you love them and wanted to show it. That will get you a couple minutes of them trying to figure out what to say- as 'isn't that sweet' or 'you little idiot.' Simple script is not the same as a crime gang emblem(as Yakuza sea serpent), it's not obscene. You can cover it with a wrap or scarf? Simple lace top for some social times, plain collar for business to be discrete. Point out you now have a identification body mark so body won't get lost in morgue. You got it, you live with it, they will have to get used to it. Tell them it's not a advertisement for rent-a-body business
why get a tattoo?? when u get old it will get me..

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