Thursday, May 13, 2010

How can a parent do research on a new school?

I just moved from Atlanta to the DC/Maryland area and I found out what elementary school my son will be attending in the fall. It is a public school and he will being going to the 2nd grade.I want to know what kinds of things besides test scores should I look at to see if this is a good school.How can a parent do research on a new school?
The key elements in any school is the quality of the teachers and Principal./ One way to tell is the education level of the faculty and how long they have been teaching./

The sites below will be very helpful in evaluating schools.How can a parent do research on a new school?
One thing you can see is the areas school taxes. Another thing you can look at is the income levels. And disposable income levels there. The higher these are the better chance the school district will be better. Since your child is going into 2nd grade the school district is not that important right now, but if you want your child to get into college the SD matters at about the summer going into 8th grade. That's when the SD matters since by them your child should be taking advanced classes in school. A last point is that in the DC/Maryland area most of the schools are very good, since many political figures send there children to private schools, and still have to pay school taxes the money is put into your child's public school.
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