Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How many parent teacher conferences do you have each year?

I feel like I just went to one, and now I'm going to another next week. Report cards come on Monday already! Does anyone else have conferences in November and then again in February like my daughter's school? And do you have conferences at the end of the year? Because we don't. I think that would be an appropriate time to have one though.How many parent teacher conferences do you have each year?
Official parent teacher conferences are offered in October and January in our school district. Parent teacher conferences are really not beneficial at the end of the school year as they are designed to discuss a student's progress. These are the times when parents and teachers can touch base, discuss successes as well as areas needing work. At the end of the school year, it is too late to work on problem areas.How many parent teacher conferences do you have each year?
Parent-teacher conferences are set up at four points of the year and generally revolve around the release of report cards each quarter, at least in my district. Many parents do not take advantage of them though. My students that struggle the most have parents who complain about their child's grades, but I never see them for P/T conferences. To each his own, I guess.

As far as the most appropriate times for the conferences....as a teacher, there is never a ';right'; time from my experience. Some kids do beautifully until mid-year, some struggle until the end and some have no difficulty at all all year. It truly depends on the individual student as to how many conferences are the right amount and at what points in the year.
I live in the UK and we have a parents evening in October for a general progress talk then I've got one next week where we also get to view their work, they then get their end of year report in the summer so it's two times a year I get to speak with the teacher, I think that's sufficient.
We had 1 in November but dont have any other sched as of yet. I was wondering why we didnt have 1 after this report card? I guess with email and phones parent-teachers can stay in touch easier if needed.
two. november and april (i think. maybe march). i'd love if we had another.
In Michigan we have 1 per semester. 2 semester per year.
1 is required in california, and then more if your child is in risk of being retained.
i go to two conferences each year for one of my kids 5 out of my 9

is in school

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