Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How does a parent avoid a thankless child?

I have two small children, and I want to avoid this scenerio. It is not so much that I care if my children are thankful, but I hear so many parents of teens and young adults ranting. They say that they sacrificed so much and gave so much to their children, and now their children do not care about the parents. I do not expect my kids to say thank you, after all doing my best for them is my responsibility, but why are so many parents unhappy with the adult children that they claim to have given all of their sweat and tears to. Any thoughts?How does a parent avoid a thankless child?
It's all about if the parents are polite to each other, then the children will follow after. You can't easily start teaching a five year old to say thank you and please for everything unless he/she has heard it and used it naturally before. Later on in life the least understanding and thankful children that become rebellious and this is hard to stop. It is often about in what environment the children are; the friends, the school, the area. The more understanding children are alway the more thankful ones.

To achieve this with your children, start in an early and pedagogic way.How does a parent avoid a thankless child?
It is all about respect. Mine are 10 and 12 and usually don't appreciate the sacrifices we make for them. Please and thank is not a choice for them in this house. Politeness is the foundation of their initial respect in society.

Most kids are not thankful of their parents until they move out.
maybe because they have done a bit too much or have been spoiled too much. after a while it willg et used to them and they are concerned about the matter rather than manners.
Parents and children will always have a different view. On the one side the parents think their children are ungrateful when in fact they just don't understand that their parents have tried to teach them to be thankful. They feel like they failed in that aspect so immediatly blame is brought upon the child. The children just really don't know their parents need to hear reassurance that they did a good job. It's hard for kids no matter what age to tell their parents thanks. Just try to teach your children to say thank you when something is done for them. Even the little things. Or that very scenario is going to bite you in the rear.
Spank them.
i'll base it on my personality,i am not a vocal person especially to my family more to my parents,i don't usually say thank you and i love you,but i guess they know how greatful i am for whatever they gave to me,especially the thought of making them as the instrument why i am in this world,sometimes we don't need to put in words what we felt but more on let the other people feel what we feel for them.

Now i have a son,i remind him to say thank you but not more for me but to other people,because when i gave something to my loveones i give it from my heart and i don't expect any reaction.it's my happiness to give and when it's heartily you don't expect anything in return.

So to your question,I think parents should realize that raising a child is not just an obligation but it's something about loving your child unconditionaly....loving unconditionaly doesn't set a rule,nor expecting anything in return......

the payment is when you see that you raise a good person and that's more than saying thank you.
Nah...I don't believe that. Many parents aren't there for their kids when in need of comfort or advice or reassurance. They expect an ideal child who has no problems and does not cause them any them any trouble. I remember when I put my trust in my parents. Things didn't seem okay, and I wanted them to help me feel better--but to them my problems were trivial. In truth, my mom told me she was disappointed in me and that I was stupid--and only a bull would be so stupid to even think that way. She also called me a demon. I'm sure that there are other parents whose true devotion would prove that they truly have put forth their sweat and tears. That's just the way the world is--but it takes wisdom and understanding to accept that, know how to handle it, and move on past it.
In life we may pass on things we learned to our children! i feel that a real lack of family values is missing! we don't eat at the table anymore we don't converse our day to each other and we lack affection and emotion at times. I always with my twins in the morning sing our morning song. Hug them and they hug each other and kiss each other mind you they are only 17 months old! If you start this loving and caring at a young age they will grow to say thank you for all that you have done. But you shouldn't look for it because you are their parent you will know when they are thankful with out them saying it!

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