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How much does it cost to do a step parent adoption?

My ex husband has been out of my childs life for almost 2 years now. Hasn't called or came to see him. My current husband would like to adopt my child. Does anyone have any knowledge of how much it would cost me for this.Attorney fees and such? Thank you for your help in advance! I live in Indiana if this helps!How much does it cost to do a step parent adoption?
we are doing a step parent adoption without an attorney. My son's bio dad is going along with it so that makes it a lot easier, and cheaper too.

First, I sent him a legal document called a Final and Irrevocable Consent To Adoption, which he had to sign and have notarized. Along with that I sent him a Consent to terminate Parental Rights (Release of Child By Parent) that he had to fill out, sign, and have notarized.

I sent those document via registered mail, when he was finished signing and such, he sent them back to me via registered mail.

I filled out a Petition and Affidavit to Terminate Parental Rights of Noncustodial Parent...signed and notarized and that was to be filed with his willing agreement to terminate. Once all that was done, my husband and I filled out an Adoption Affidavit to Estabish Financial Ability, signed notarized, etc

THEN once you have EVERYTHING else done, dot the I's, cross the T's...you can go to the court house and file your Petition for Adoption. It cost us $157.50 to file it.

Don't forget to bring all your paperwork with you, plus a marriage certificate, and a birth certificate for your child.

When everything is approved and filed, you'll get a court date.

Good luck to you!How much does it cost to do a step parent adoption?
When I was living in Ohio, I checked this out. My daughter's dad had passed away, and she had lived with my husband and I for most of her life anyways. The lawyer I called (and you should hire one) said it would be about $800 for the lawyer fees and then about $200 for court fees. They would do a home visit (even if the child has lived with the person forever) and they needed 3 or 4 written letters of recommendation about my husband from friends, co-workers, etc. Then we would have a court date with a judge when the lawyer filed everything that was needed. I suppose in your case though, the father would have to sign his parental rights away or the judge would have to take them away. Not sure how that would work. We didn't end up doing it because she was getting social security benefit money from her dad and we thought that might go away. Plus, we didn't want to do it too soon after her dad died either.
The first thing you'll need to do is get your ex-husband to sign over parental rights. Once he does this you can contact this site my friend used for her adoption, http://rapidadoption.com/

They're a document prep service, they'll prepare all the docs for you %26amp; your husband, then you take them to the courthouse %26amp; file them.

They also have a great ';free'; e-book on their site, my friend used and she recommends it to everyone. It will probably help you a lot...

Hope this helps!

Hi, I'm in the middle of one right now. My husband is adopting my four year old twins. Their bio has only saw them once when we went to court for child support a couple of years back. He signed over his rights so that made things easier. Our lawyer charged us $2,000 for all of his fees, and then we're going to pay court costs which is about $100. It's a lot of money, but it's money well spent!! We're in Georgia if that helps any. Good luck with the adoption!!
im not sure, but i think that is wonderful for you husband to want to do that. some one has to step up hwen the biological dad doesnt. mine is planning on the same things. HOORRRRAY for step dad's. we have military lawyers looking into it for us, but havent gotten any feed back. im sorry, but i would try calling the department of family and children services (DFCS)

good luck

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