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What can a parent do once they find out their child is masturbating?

I recently discovered my 16 year old son is masturbating. I'm not sure what to say to him about this. I want to be there to answer his questions and support him through this journey of life and becoming a man, but I am unsure what to say to help guide him through this responsibly. I bought a box of condoms for him, but I am not sure if those are necessary? Should I give him the condoms or would that encourage him to have sex?What can a parent do once they find out their child is masturbating?
You don't have to talk to him about masturbation...or if you do, you don't have to let him know you know he does it. It'll embarrass him. You should talk to him about sex and risks of pregnancy and STD's and how to be safe though. And by giving him the condoms you're telling him that it's his decision if he has sex but you want him to be safe and are encouraging safe sex. You are not encouraging him to have sex though by giving them to him. Let him know your opinions on the subject but then let him know that ultimately it's up to him when he has sex. Trying to forbid him from having sex is ridiculous because if he's going to do it, he'll do it when he's doubtful that he'll run and ask your permission. So just keep him informed.What can a parent do once they find out their child is masturbating?
I think that you should reassure him that it is perfectly fine to masturbate. Reassure him that you are there and are able to talk to him about anything with an open mind. That said, I don't necessarily believe that just because a teen beings masturbating that they are having sex. Just to be safe, I say give him the condoms but emphasize that this is not your approval of him having sex. Ultimately, parents can only guide their children so far, they have to learn and make mistakes themselves. The most important thing is to show that you are there for him and are willing to listen.
It could be really awkward for kids to have the sex talk with parents. That's what the internet is for (or so kids think) I would give them to him, because it wouldn't encourage it. It would protect him. If someone gave me birth control I wouldn't feel encouraged to have sex. Masturbating is normal in every teenager. I would be surprised if he wasn't. Tell him if he has any questions about anything, and give him the look so he knows what you are talking about. Also, if his father is part of his life, and they have a good bond, I would have him talk to your son. Just let him know your there. Don't get mad at him. That's the last thing he'll want. Give him his privacy.
LOL, don't any of you understand that your children grow up and they become sexual beings? Don't any of you understand that they're going to have sex whether you give him the condoms or not!? Give him the condoms, it's called helping to keep him safe and not being naive that you think it's giving him permission. He doesn't need your permission to get some girl pregnant and without condoms, that's what's going to happen! Let's talk to our kids about sex, and let's not wait until he's SIXTEEN to do so.
I would not talk to him about masturbating alot of teens and adults do this so its not a big deal. Just let him know ur there for him and if he needs to ask any questions about sex dont be scared to ask. Talk to him about safe sex. I would rather my child come to me before they have sex an tell me they r thinking about doing so i could get them the right Bc/condoms. GL
uh to give him those condoms would be like ';hey since you've discovered your maleness, go use it!';

be glad he's only doing it with himself and not someone else.

oh and condoms lessen the likelihood of getting a girl pregnant but there is still a chance.

are you ready for grandkids? no? then why encourage him to give you some
You should have had this discussion a looong time ago. He might aready be having sex for all you know. You need to talk to him ASAP. Not necesarily about masturbation, because obviously he's already figured that out. But... You need to talk to him about sex and pregnancy and protecting himself from STD's and / or getting a girl pregnant.
Just let him be, it's perfectly normal for a teenager to masturbate. All of them do it, would you rather your son masturbate or have sex with anybody ?

Masturbating is normal %26amp; safe.
It's his business really and completely normal. The worst thing ever would be if you asked him about it. He won't need condoms for what he is doing but it wouldn't hurt to let him have them.
i think it may be too late to talk to him he may be having sex and at that age it's mortifying to be caught in the act so i think maybe you should just give him privacy.
you haven't talked to him about it already what makes you think he needs your advice now? if you're gonna let your kids find out about their sexuality all on their own, then stay out of it.
give him the condoms and let him have sex but tell him only with the condoms because sex is good for people but only with the condoms
Masturbating prevents insanity. It's a fact.
just leave it

masturbating is normal

boys will be boys !

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