Thursday, May 13, 2010

What kind of parent would you be if you allowed children to treat each other cruelly?

Simply because they have free will? But isn't that exactly what you say your Sky Daddy does with his children? But you can somehow excuse it for your Sky Daddy.What kind of parent would you be if you allowed children to treat each other cruelly?
God doesn't simply allow us to treat each other cruelly. He leaves absolutely no evidence of even his existence, much less his desires and expectations of us.What kind of parent would you be if you allowed children to treat each other cruelly?
you are trying to apply human standards to god and it will not work

no your example is not correct

a parent does not have control over their grown up children

they do what they want and ignore what their parent tells them

God has given rules for his children to obey

if they rebel they will be punished for the wicked deeds they do.

you can't punished some one for something they have not done yet.

God gives people a chance to repent and turn from sin.

If they do not they will be punished for their sins.
My children were not allowed to treat others cruelly(which was a HUGE challenge considering they were only 2 years apart), but every now and then they would slip up and do something not nice. When that happened i corrected them and explained why it would not and could not be tolerated, to me this is the same thing that God does with us.
If you allowed cruelty, you are not a good parent at all. Children have to be raise correctly to respect each other, not beat each other up or tease or cause hurt to someone. You do not know my Father God, so you can't speak of someone you know nothing about. But rest assured, He knows everything about you!
My two boys get into some real sh!t with each other - but then, I don't claim to be omnipotent and watching them every second either. If I was all-powerful (or could at least convince them I was), I could keep the big one from picking on the little one.

And isn't that religion for you?
ahh, another childless expert on raising kids. gotta love it. have some of your own and see if you can stop them from being mean. you can discipline them, train them, even give them a good example (maybe), but you will not be able to control their actions. if you figure out a way to do that, write a book. you'll make millions.

You are a bitter person when it comes to God. I feel sorry for you. To answer your question, everyone will pay for their actions in the end in one way or another, Christian and non Christian alike.
Not everyone who believes in God believes that about Her.

Christianity and atheism aren't the only two choices, so stop pretending they are.
protip: sky daddy should never be capitalized

person, place or thing, remember?
God works in mulishes ways
Wouldn't it be easier to say, Jesus is not True God and True Man.

First of all, free will is a gift from God and used incorrectly, there will be consequences. Cruelty is a learned behavior not necessarily inborn so I would say the parents who are representatives from God to nurture, teach,lead and love should be held accountable for their children's action. As far as my Heavenly Father is concerned, show me a scripture where God is cruel to His children. The question should be why does he allow punishment for the unforgiving, the liar, the cheat, the immoral degrade who insists that God does not exist nor does He have this universe in perfect control. What about that? Oh now, let's just talk about Free Will, oh yeah, right-----One day we shall all meet our Maker and recall our rebellion to His sovereignty in having the last say in everything in the world.
my three daughters are all grown and on their own-----I can no longer legally control their actions----though their Christian morals will keep them away from such cruelty---

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