Monday, May 10, 2010

Can a parent teach a child common sense? Is common sense something that can be taught?

I have my own ideas but would be interested in yours. Any suggestions you might have will be appreciated. No I am not a parent of teens. I was just wondering what you thought about teaching kids (esp. small children) in general.Can a parent teach a child common sense? Is common sense something that can be taught?
It is not so teaching them common sense as teaching them to think things through.

Small children will learn as they go along, mostly from the adults and others that they are around. So if you have somebody hanging around all the time that lacks in common sense then you may have a problem.

It also depends on what you are calling common sense, some things that we as adults know a child doesn't yet, but once they are introduced to it then they will get it.

Kind of like you and I know how to react to most things but a small child is still working their way through it.

Have you ever seen what a small child can learn? Probably more in two weeks if taught than an adult could in a year. Their little brains are like sponges they suck it up.. A child that learns many things before age 5 will actually be better at it. If you teach them another language they will be more likely to speak it fluently if taught at a young age, same goes for instruments.

So yes I do think a child can learn anything.Can a parent teach a child common sense? Is common sense something that can be taught?
1. Don't make fun of the dumb kid.

2. Have kid think of answers and explain why and comment on why your answers are different or better.

3. Don't spank the kid for not having common sense, though you can spank for other reasons (such as stealing).

4. Praise kid for times the kid has common sense.

5. Talk to kid to develop relationship.

6. Give me best answer for this question.
well yes and no. a parent can help a child understand what common sense is like saying if u see pan on a stove dont touch it because it might be hot. but the child wont really understand it until they have gone through some times where they needed to use common sense
Of course you can - when any kid asks me a question i don't answer him/her but i keep on asking him/her questions and make him answer himself/herself. i think this way you teach them how to think and how to use their minds.
Logic is one of those more intuitive things. Some people just see things quicker then others. Focus on teaching your children other things (reading, math) and common sense will come naturally along with it.
I think common sense comes from a basic understanding that actions have consequences. Yes, this can be, and should be, taught to children.
I actually think common sense is something you learn as you grow and experience life.

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