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What are the effects of single parenting on the parent?

I know that there are some stresses, like attending all the house chores and work related issues while tending to the child at the same time. But I was just trying to complile a list of things. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.What are the effects of single parenting on the parent?
I was a single mom of four girls. I worked 40+ hrs a week and went to school three days a week. After all that, I picked up the kids, cooked, cleaned, bathed them, put them to bed, and then I studied, then went to bed and got up and did the same thing over.

A single mom does not have backup right there, single income,%26amp; less time to themselves.What are the effects of single parenting on the parent?
PROS of Single Parenting:

* better than adopting a child

* broad choice of father

* excellent choice for a divorcee

* excellent choice for a widow

* medical causes and conditions -yes

* goes through motherhood/fatherhood

* better parental bondage than adoption

* free from clutches of narrowminded spouse

* no need to be pressurised about imminent threat of divorce

* absolutely devoid of a spouse in relationship

* camouflage infertily issues

* economical family

* totally devote love an affection to the child than the family

* child can be brought up totally as per your wish and ideals

* you are solely responsible for decision making with regard to child

* child is bound to to you emotionally , physically, financially and morally

CONS of Single Parenting:

* single parenting is falsely thought as feminism personified in India,

* the absolute man - the alternative?

* child doesn not know pattern of parenting

* often single child so lonely claustrophobic and craving for friends

* the child's next generation is devoid of cousin, aunt, uncle etc which makes the child only materialistic

* child can never buy a father/mother

* single parenting declares your inabilityl to have a longstanding/lasting relationship or strike a rapport with a spouse

* single parenting shows that you console the world that you are capable of reproduction but incapable of leading a family life

* social stigma

* child has to cope up with mood swings and emotional demands

* child doesn not have a normal childhood and hence may become- there is a chance- antisocial

* single parenthood and single moms still to be accepted by society

* the majority of children are not single parents so child often suffers from identity crisis.

* single parenting is a sign of fertile womb but not a fertile mind or loving heart.

* the child depends on you and you only and is at a loss to communicate or establish relationship with others or the whole world.

* the child may hate you for your decision in future

* both the parent and the child are insecure in any relationship

* can a mom replace a dad or a dad role play a mom-

* it is a pretence relationship of roleplay for life

* if you really care for your child's happiness and normalcy and insecurity and health then you may heart of hearts refrain from this or atleast feel guilty.

* is it exploiting a child's life for selfish emotional needs of the adult mind?

Single Parenting has its own positive and negative sides. Whoever experiencing that kind of situation, I salute that person foe he/she has done something that is really difficult to do. It's so hard to raise a child like here in this polaroid photo:鈥?/a>
A single income versus a dual income.

Support at home when a parent become frustrated.

Help with child rearing.
mainly insanity!!! A huge need for support as in a good counselor that can help you to deal with issues that brought on the divorce and help the single parent provide good options in raising the children, also there is dealing with the ex and their new affairs and how that will relate to the children, then there is the abandonment issues the children have to face with the spouse that leaves, the one income is a struggle.. the children's needs are harder to meet and they tend to be pessimistic in their future relationships which can cause the same mistakes to be repeated... God is the only strong help in a situation like this... and lots and lots of support.... and yet there are parents who neglect the kids all together because they are too wrapped up in what they are going through because of the break..
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