Thursday, May 13, 2010

What ( in your opinion) defines a good parent and a bad parent?

I am trying to write a paper for school but I need ideas on what the public precieves as good and bad parents. Feel free to include examples and personal stories. Anything would help.What ( in your opinion) defines a good parent and a bad parent?
I think a good parent is someone who chooses to be involved. Someone who gives up things for their child's best interests and someone who learns from their mistakes. Someone who does the best they can and always makes decisions based on their families needs. A bad parent is someone who continually struggles and doesn't ask for help or wish to change. None of us are perfect but we all strive to be better and we look for ways to accomplish that. Bad parents are the ones who complain without looking to change anything. Somebody who abuses their child is a bad parent. And somebody who knowingly places their child in situations to be hurt or abused is a bad parent. For examples feel free to read some of my answers. I am a parent who has struggled with a LOT of issues. Ranging from eating disorders to my own anger issues. I do my damnedest for my kids and I don't settle for being an OK parent.What ( in your opinion) defines a good parent and a bad parent?
The example that the parent sets, manners, morals etc. Pet peeves are parents who drink/do drugs/steal/lie or behave in an abusive manner around their children.

Kids absorb much more than what a lot of adults give them credit for. Today's family society seems to be leaning more towards a material based display of love, where we show our love with objects or gifts, (10 years down the track is your child going to remember the state of the art ipod or mobile you got them or the fact that you always had time and patience for them, I know what I remember)
Good Parent- a parent is a good parent when they are there for their child with love open arms all the time. Have a open ear, respect and cherish everything about their child.

Bad Parent- a parent who in more concerned with themselves then their child.
a good parent is there for their child and never belittles them and loves them unconditionally.

a bad parent-hits their child, calls them names and belittles them
Good parent- always takes care of the child(but not to overprotective) feeds them Isn't a drunk drug addict or Beats their child

Bad parent everything i said contridicted

-Karamila Jamison

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