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What are the top ten reasons to become a parent?

I am writing a persuasive speech about becoming a parent. I've been a mom for 13 years and I have six kids.What are the top ten reasons to become a parent?
There are so many reasons:

1. The feeling of that little child falling asleep in your arms at night.

2. The overwhelming sense of protectiveness you feel for your child.

3. To bring another life into the world.

4. To watch a life grow and blossom.

5. Because it is what life is all about.

6. As an expression of love between two people.

7. To add great richness to your life.

8. To pass on your own genes.

9. To watch a tiny child, your own flesh and blood, sleeping peacefully.

10. To hear those most precious words ';I love you, Mom!';

And then years later to hear those even more precious words from your grandkids ';I love you, Nan!';What are the top ten reasons to become a parent?
My top 10 Reasons-

1. There is no love like the love for your child, its unconditional. ( to have unconditional love for someone)

2. To make the world a better place, hopefully=)

3. To become less selfish and more understanding.

4. To better yourself inside and out.

5. To live on after death through memories and love.

6. To learn and teach.

7. To know that someone loves you no matter what you do.

8. To live through them ( not in the mean controlling way).

9. To watch your child grow up into a man/woman and know that they turned out perfect with your help

10. To get butterflies in your stomach when your child shows affection towards you ( hugs,kisses,smiles, ext)

Those are my reasons! Hope that helps=)
Top Ten Reasons NOT to become a PARENT:

1. to get a man to marry you so that he can provide financial security;

2. to continue having welfare checks sent to you;

3. to avoid work;

4. to make up for abusive and neglectful relationships with parents;

5. because your parents and friends tell you to;

6. to please your spouse who is forcing you to;

7. because you have remarried even if you don't want to;

8. to end a man's bachelorhood and keep him around;

9. to escape a prison sentence;

10. to get attention and sympathy because you feel you are special.
BT, you are too funny! You must have really enjoyed raising kids!

My ten:











1. Because i want my own family...

2. He's mine. no one can tell me how to raise him...he's a part of flesh...

3. The feeling someday i will get from watching him succeed. i cant wait to see all his accomplishment and of course be there for his failures

4. No one could half explain the love a parent has with a child

5. Its god way....he wants us to have children right?

I don't know 10...reason...i got teary eyed doing the third one....I just know that watching him every single night before bed playing. Watching him interact with me..or his dad....he's my one will ever take that away from me...i love being a parent...
because you children will always love you and respect you.

Fathers Day

Mothers day

p t a meetings are enjoyable

you can raise your kids in you likeness

your kids will take care of you when you are old

you can raise your kids until they are 35 years old

you can go into debt for your kids education

you can help raise you childrens kids
Well, take your 6 children and think of 1 thing each they do to make you smile, and think of 4 more things to add to it, and its personalized and all your own!!
1. To have

2. To hold

3. To love

4. To learn and teach

5. To keep the family going

6. To share with others or loved one

7. To keep you company

8. To better your self

9. To someday have grandchildren

10. God' will
someone to leave ur money to when u die

they keep you young

they make you grow up

they make u less selfish n caring

they train you to be able to handle anything that comes ur way

they give u grandkids as a reward

they make you immortal, pass ur genes along

brighten up ur life

you become a teacher

ur a role model
I want to have kids I don't know but I just do I want to have fun and laugh at the little thing they say and want that good morning mommy or kiss it mommy it hurts and the hugs and kisses.
1- To share children with the one you love

2- To raise them as God's word tells us to

3- To pass on legacy

4-To have little feet pattering down the halls

5- To love

6-Because I am a woman and I wanted to have children

7-Because my husband wanted to be a father

8-To raise them to better the future world

9-To spoil a little along the way

10- To carry on the line of the human race and my last name :)
The only one I can think of is to become a grandparent they are much more fun...............................








Can you clarify?

Top ten personal reasons or top ten reasons for society?
tax writeoffs

older ones babysit the younger ones so you can take a nap

free housecleaning service

in-house catered dinners , even if they are peanut butter sandwiches

pregnancy prevention, when they burst into your bedroom at just the wrong time

to practice other professions, like health care, teaching, psychology, coaching, taxi service, etc.

creative vacationing because there is no money to go anywhere

gee, that's only 6, there's got to be

more Christmas presents

something to do on weekends

the understanding to ';live by faith and not by sight';


greater dependence upon God for daily living

(If you use this I want speech
its a big job but very rewarding.

10 ten

seeing them first smile, laugh, or look into your eyes %26amp; grip onto your fingers with their tiny little hands.

the love that he/she has for you

the bond that is created from day one

the great experience of giving birth and the pain (It is painful but a wonderful time)

the long 10 months of pregnancy!

watching them interact with their father in such a loving way

the way it changes you as a person, not only mentally but in maturity aswell!

being the one, teaching them about life, and what everything is

having a life long friend

and simply being a mother

NO-ONE can understand any of this until they do actually give birth themselves.

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