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How can a parent teach common sense to their 13 year old daughter?

My daughter has no common sense. Why? How can I teach her common sense? or can I?How can a parent teach common sense to their 13 year old daughter?
Don't worry about that. I was like that to in that age!! She will understand herself, but if you presure her, that will just make it worse.

Tell you what: Make sure her friends aren't retard (if you know what i mean)

the other reason is mabe she need s to read more. Grab a book.How can a parent teach common sense to their 13 year old daughter?
Unfortunately you cannot teach ';common sense';, however you can teach examples of how to use certain tools and how to try and think a situation through, why not give that a try.

To the lady who said to read the bible and pray together, what the heck good is that when you're trying to sharpen pencil, sounds to me like you need a little common sense infusion love.
My older sister is as lacking in common sense (if not more so). She is 25 and still can't take care of herself, and not for lack of intelligence, just a lack of common sense. She'll let the car run out of transmission fluid because she doesn't think to ever check it or take it in to a place to check it, or she'll buy a dog because it's cute when she's living in an apartment that doesn't allow dogs and she can't afford rent as it is. Things like that.

Here's what I've learned vicariously through her - if you (as the parent) coddle and take care of your kid, she'll never improve. You need to let her make her own mistakes and suffer the consequences. Don't give her money when she overspends herself. Let her try to cut the pencil with scissors, and don't take it from her and do it correctly, let her fail at it.
Well, most teenagers haven't developed that ';common sense'; thing yet and make some pretty bone headed decisions. I keep waiting for my fifteen year old to finally ';get it.'; So, I think it's normal.

My best advice, however, is Logical Consequences. Sometimes the natural effects of their choices are the best teachers.
Common sense like ';don't put a fork in the electrical out lit'; or common sense about life? As long as it doesn't hurt her physically I think it's time to let her fall. This is about the age that need to make there own mistakes and learn how to get out of problems, with out mom's help. There is no better teacher then life's experiences. So let her figure it out. At least now is she gets into to much trouble you can still help her out of it.
The pencil thing is rather strange of her to do....and at 13. Do you see other occurrences that just does not seam right?

Her brain might just be wired differently. What we see as strange the child sees as normal. If her social structure with kids her own age is fine and she is not having problems at school just do your best to teach her such things. Knifes are never good to use for it could slip or what not.

We can not teach common sense, this is why it is ';common';. We can teach how to use tools and the such.

Wish you well....
omg! I run into this with my 6 year old everyday! She has an IQ of 145, is in the talented and gifted classes at school, and is extremely smart. She writes songs, books, does beautiful artwork, but yet when I told her to go in the bathroom and wash her face beacuse she had toothpaste on it, she couldn't find the washcloth, so she took a little bottle that used to have bodywash in it and filled it with water and was leaning over the sink, pouring the water all over. We were just walking out the door to go to the bus, and had to change her clothes. I dont know the answer you are looking for, but I would like to know myself!!!!!
first you need to learn paticence show her how to do it rite use it as a learning experiance for both of you

if you are frustrated she will be also

you are the teacher if she isnt learning its you that isnt doing your job rite

find ways for her to learn in a fun way you will both grow from it
Unfortunate, but true, there is no way to teach common sense. Either you have it, or you don't.

She will learn through bad decisions -
well some people have common sense and others dont im not sure you can really teach it.
I don't think you can really teach it, especially not to teenages.

just lead by example
Seriously how many people haven't sharpened their pencils that way before. I have!!

As long as you show her right from wrong she will grow up safe and healthy
Lot's of competition with hormones. While you are explaining logic, she is thinkin duhhhhhhhhh I wonder if Toby likes me.
common sense is gained from experiences. no where else.
Ya know I never actually understood what 'common sense' was.
You need to provide a good example to her at all times. Read and study the Bible with her, and discuss with her our Lords wishes for us to follow.

Pray together, have unity as a family and keep a good moral grounding.

God bless xx

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