Monday, May 10, 2010

As a parent what are the pros and cons of these?

We are thinking of buying either a townhouse or a single family home. We have a two year old and planning another one next year. We want to know what are the pros and cons of both of them. Not only expense wise, but child wise as well, and what about special assassments in a townhouse how do they work? What if the roof or something needs to be changed who pays? Anythign will be helpful.Please help?As a parent what are the pros and cons of these?
i live in a townhome and let me tell ya. tehya re a pain in your ars!!!!! 1st and last time i buy one. when we first got to our our hoa were 175. 2 years late i am paying 238. you cant make too much noise because they have noise control hours which in my unit is 10pm to 7am. parking is a pain if its not well controlled which is in my case. also sometimes having a pet could be a restriction with a townhomes. if i could i would deff buy a single family home instead. i would want a yard for my daughter to play in. in a condo you usually just have a patio/ small fenced area.

ok another thing you need to think about is that with a townhome is if they are attached you have beighbors or up to 3 side (your left, right and up above) thankfully i only have 1 neighbor to my left but they are so rude. they are really loud people and when i finally went over to talk to them and she was all attitude. as for the roof if it needs to be repaired the hoa takes care of it.As a parent what are the pros and cons of these?
I've lived in both and the only advantage to the town home would be that you're heated on at least one side, so you save on electricity.

The rest is cons...

If their washer floods their basement, it floods your basement (I lost all my childhood photo albums that way). Same goes for fires. Very close proximity for yards and they can see into your from their upstairs, no privacy. You can hear them through the walls and they can hear you. Usually they'll be set up so the bedrooms are beside each other, if you're loud during sex or don't want to hear someone else having get my drift.

If the town home is a condo, then you pay condo fees to the condo board, same as everyone, and they take care of all outside repairs and lawn care (roof, mowing, snow removal, etc). Which is nice to have that piece of mind. However, it's your house and they can still tell you you're not allowed to have shutters or a flower bed because all units must look alike. So even though you own it, it's more like renting because have to answer to someone all the time. Not all town homes are condo's though, you'll be responsible for those things if it isn't, but you'll be free to do what you want to your property.

If you can afford it, go with a single family home.
Single family homes are better,for one you do not have wall to wall neighbors who can hear every noise you make.Also do you want to share a yard with who knows what kind of people?
well i bet you any money ur going to wnd up moveing after. Thats what happened to me so dont get a townhouse they anoy me cuz if ur neighbours house is on fire well ya you get my point.

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