Thursday, May 13, 2010

What criteria do you use to define yourself as a parent?

I asked this several months ago but I am curious what other parents use. Obviously i don't use spanking or lack of spanking to define myself, I don't want to define myself as the SAHM, soccer mom, or best friend mom and Im not a helicopter mom. But Im unsure what exactly I do define myself as. So how do you define yourself?What criteria do you use to define yourself as a parent?
wow, that's difficult. I think the big one for me is if my children grow up to love the Lord and be healthy and happy and wise. But of course not all of those things are completely in my control, plus I have to wait a while to try to find out for sure.

Hmm...this is a really good question. I think in some ways I'd rather not have a 'definition' because it seems too limiting. For the sake of this question I think I want to be the 'patient Mom', because I am so impatient. What's funny is, at least so far, I've been a much more patient parent than my husband who is typically the most patient person I know.What criteria do you use to define yourself as a parent?
Well this question was asked hours ago, but you answered a question for me so I went back to find yours and answer what I could. Thanks by the way....

So I do much of what you used as examples, but I wouldn't stereotype myself into any of them. I love my children, and I would just call myself a mother. I don't call myself a stay at home mom (even though I am) I don't call myself the mom who doesn't spank (even though I don't) and though my children are involved in sports, I can't stand the term soccer mom. I am just a mom who loves her children and participates in and does anything she can to convey that. So I'm in the same boat as you I guess. I don't know how else to define myself.
You know if your a good parent if you bring up your kids as model citizens and the kids themselves understand and appreciate your efforts.

My Mum and Dad have passed-on now, but I've always appreciated the effort that they put into our upbringing, even the strap around my legs or across my backside.......I can't think of a time that I didn't deserve it and I'm a better man today because of them.

I am loving and I love. I nurture my kids when they are sad and confused. I empower them when they are scared. I laugh when they are silly. I love them through out it all and give them the love that every child needs.
My mum would define herself as a hippie mum.

And my dad is also a hippie, but an ex-LSD'er rather than an eco-friendly one.
I'm all of those things and more. I can't pick just one.

I am a protective mom, though.

Hmm.. good question. Gives me something to think about.
im a mum who is prepared to listen and that is the most important thing as if u don't listen to ur kids how can u help them
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