Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What special skills have you developed since becoming a parent?

I, for one, have become particularly adept at identifying food just by the ';squish factor'; with my feet. I have also learned to survive on 4-5 hours of broken sleep for almost 2 years(not too happy about that one, not that I am proud of the other).

How about you?What special skills have you developed since becoming a parent?
I have unraveled the secret of the ';eyes in the back of my head'; phenomenon. I always wondered how my mom did it, and now I know it is all about listening. I can tell at any given moment what my kids are up to, just by the subtle changes in sound, or lack thereof.What special skills have you developed since becoming a parent?
I too have the foot food finder skill. Not only can I identify it but I am a magnet for all food thrown on the floor. I am also psychic. My stepdaughter has notice that since my son was born I know what she is doing in her room when I am in another room or when she is sneaking around silently. This is one skill that she HATES. I can also find every lost object but not the ones right in front of my face. lol. My best skill is keeping my 2 yr old son from destroying the shelves of whatever store we are in while keeping an eye on my 11 yr old stepdaughter who likes to sneak candy and junk into the cart and making sure I get everything on my list. It's amazing how fast your reflexes get when you have a toddler who loves to throw things! LOL
haha...Patience and multi-taking are big ones for me. I too have learned to live off of fumes and I don't even remember what ';well rested'; feels like. Another one is being able to hide emotion. Before kids I would laugh when I wanted and cry when I wanted but, now I have learned that it's not always best to let them see you laugh, or cry for that matter. I either think of something else or quickly go to another room. Some things they do are hilarious but, are something that they shouldn't have said/done. We all know those moments!!
I think we develop a ';spidey'; sense soon after giving birth.

I have caught vomit in my hand 1 second before it spews, I know when something is seconds aways from being spilled, dropped or broken.

I can even tell what she is thinking sometimes, and it freaks her out!
The ability to clean up hot dog vomit while telling my child that it is ok.
patience, and eyes in the back of my head.
Patience! Before my son was born I had no clue what patience was.
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    1. Most of what you have are mother instincts. Or maybe they are hormones which come out once an embryo is fertilized. Multi-tasking is a major hormonal change for me. I can imagine more for mothers in blending families.