Thursday, May 13, 2010

What causes a parent to be over protective?

I needed some kind of closure in my life so that I can feel like a strong individual adult since now I am dealing with some self-confidence issues. When I was a baby my hand got burnt with an iron while my parents were packing for their vacation, it happened when they stepped away for only a moment. My mother says maybe she felt guilty for letting this happen to me and that's when she became over protective.What causes a parent to be over protective?
All my friends stayed out until 11 when I was a kid and I had to come in at 9. I hated it. But my mother said ';That's because I love you more than their parents love their kids';. While that was nice to hear, I still wanted to play outside later. So, why did she do it. Better safe than sorry. But when I grew up, she accepted it just fine, and when I went to college, she was very encouraging. I think it's a phase that should pass.What causes a parent to be over protective?
Parents that are over protective transfer a lot of their own fears about the world into situations that their kids may get into. Part of it may be their own issues of self esteem and thinking they are ';bad parents'; if they cannot counter every bad situation their child could possibly get into. Remember they love you and you have grown into someone I bet they are proud of.
This issue will never be understood, and nobody can fully explain it to U in a persuasive way. Only when U become a parent Ur self , only then U 'd fully comprehend the whole deal.

For U 'll B a protective parent Urself , %26amp; may be over protective,not just regarding Ur children , but Ur grand children too. If U feel bothered w/ it, then look at those kids whom left alone, lost in marriage separation etc %26amp; how much they 'd give for such protective parents !! That is 1 way to look at it positively.
Unable to accept the consequences of 'your' actions. So thus, the need to control 'your' actions.

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