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When should a parent introduce children to TV and cartoons?

Ive heard that children shouldnt be allowed to watch cartoons till they are 3 or more. Is that true and why?When should a parent introduce children to TV and cartoons?
there's not much mental stimulation involved. the content is being fed to them, theyre not doing any mental work.When should a parent introduce children to TV and cartoons?
I'm not a parent, but just a highschool student. Although i did a research project this year on media violence and how it affects children. I learned alot about the psycology of kids and the affect of television.

In the end it all depends on what they watch and for how long. Kids are spondges and take things in like crazy, so seeing somthing violent (NOT saying you would show them somthing violent) or just a little mean they can soak in in many different ways.

If they were to watch TV i think it would be pbs or noggin or a kid friendly station, butonly for about 1/2 an hour and 3 sounds about right. If you consider these cartoons. But if you are talking about cartoon network or nickalodean(spelling?) you should wait untill about 8.

Kids can be so connceted to TV, and its sad. They learn alot from its good or bad can be determinded on WHAT they are watching and not necisarily WHEN.
According to John Taylor Gatto watching children can be damaging to young children, it is much better to read them books which gives them a chance to develop their memory skills (by hearing the same stories over and over) and their imaginations. With TV the kids don't use their imaginations because they don't have to create the stories in their head the way they do with books.

Personally I think that they shouldn't watch tv at all, but when you do let them watch TV you should start with DVDs of cartoons etc so that they aren't bombarded with advertising etc.
it is true because even cartoons now a day have that rude humor and they say tv effects a young mind it has been proven that if you give a child a book at 3 and teach it how to read the child will turn out to be sucessful but if you give a 3 year old child the remote and let him or her watch anything on tv they have a smaller chance of becoming sucessful as they say you must put your child on the right track and the fast track too you should supervise children 12 and under while watching tv at all times they might not be on the best track at the time but you can guide them atleast so they have a sucessful future and the future they deserve i would say at 3 but if your really worried 4 will be fine but remember SUPERVISE and OBSERVE and PARENTAL CONTROL and TIME LIMIT remember that and you should be fine
Well, when my children were babies and my husband wasn't home and I had to take a shower, I put on a baby video for them to watch. But that was very rare. My children didn't watch tv until they were about 2 1/2 or so, and it was only toddler shows.

Even now at 4 1/2 and 9, they are not allowed to watch certain cartoons like that Jetix stuff on Toon Disney and violent cartoons. They like to watch movies a lot, Disney movies mostly.
My son started watching Blue's Clues at about 2 years old. He wasn't interested too much but it had to be on, even if he wasn't in the room.

Now he watches all sorts of shows like Dora, Diego, Elmo, Cars, Charlotte's Web and Blue's Clues. He's till the same way though; it HAS to be on but he won't ever sit down and watch it. He'll either be playing with his toys or in another room.

I think the educational cartoons such as Blue's Clues are good for kids. It teaches them alot from their numbers, letter to colors and shapes. My son has known all his letters %26amp; numbers since he's been 2 1/2 and he actually KNOWS the letters/numbers; he didn't memorized the order. He actually is just learning the order of numbers and letters.

But shows aren't a replacement for parental interaction and learning. They're just a nice break for mommy when she needs one!
Ideally a parent should introduce a child to TV and cartoons when they have reached the age of 35. At that time the child will be grown up and have realized that life does not revolve around the boob tube.

The younger your child starts watching TV, the more prone to emotional, intellectual and physical issues they will have throughout their lives.
my daughter watches it and has since she came home from the hospital. not that she should though. They say that because the early years are very important for brain stimulation. They are learning that their arms hands feet and legs etc are controlled by them. Developing pincer grasp learning to pull up crawl sit up and walk. All these different things are what they should be working on. If you need something to do its reccomended that you take them outside to play (if too young then talk to them about what you/they see and what is going on around you.) Or you can pull out alphabet blocks etc. Help them learn to build them up and knock them down. Hope this helped and was informative.
My daughter watched a limited amount of TV from 12mos and what she watched was closely monitered by me. For cartoons she watched Little Bear and some others (can't remember names). She is old enough to watch TV by herself now but she still asks if she can turn it on. Animal Planet, Discovery and History are her favorite channels.
Ok i got tv in grade 4 this really influenced my social life for LIFE for worse.... but yea i know a little more since I read books. BUT since i got tv i couldnt stop watching it (and PC) because i wasnt used to it so I would say one year before grade one...

Also dont force him to read, the love of reading is very hard to give but very nessacary for basic knoladge.... give him lots of cartoons (not for presents but just let it lay there for him to read)
DON'T have them watch tv!!!! OMG they're gonna get hooked on friggen Hannah Montana and Dora the Explorer and all that crap!!!

Have them watch the old Disney movies. Like Cinderella and Dumbo, and that sort of stuff. Don't get them hooked on stuff like Dora, because I promise you, that show is scaaarrrryyyyyy, and they will turn out talking just like her. Loud. And obnoxious. And people will be able to point out, ';wow that person grew up watching Dora the Explorer.';

nobody wants
only reason i would know is that when children are young they might get the impression that you can do the things on cartoons in real life (since they can't tell the difference yet.) but you can have the kid watch cartoons for kids now a days cause they changed a lot from looney tunes and the older kids stuff
Its your child and your choice. There are some really good programs that stimulate a childs mind. Of course your teaching is the best but realistically there is alot to be done in a days time. So a lil tv is fine as long as it doesnt become the babysitter.

For ppl who say they would never let there kids watch tv, what would you rather they do. Lean over your shoulder so they read your posts online? Get real, the internet is worse than watching tv. Its all fine within limits and moderation.
My daughter is 17 month old and we have just recently let her watch tv. We tried for month to get her to eat breakfast, unless we forced her she would just play. We started putting on public tv and she is so distracted by it that she isnt really aware that she is eating. Its good for us becuase shes under weight and it takes alot for her to gain some.
They say not to allow any TV before the age of 2. We always have the TV in the background, though. My kids (ages 6, 3, and 2) are far from addicted, they would rather play. *I* don't see a problem with them watching it younger, it's really more a personal preference.
Lots of people don't let their children watch tv at all...I say everything in moderation and with good judgement. My children watch tv..but not all the time and I monitor their shows..educational are normally the ones we prefer..try SUPER WHY...they really learn to spell and enjoy learning their letters. :-)
That's about the age I let my daughter watch t.v.. She's now 4 1/2 yrs. old and I let her watch an hour or so of the Disney Channel so I can shower and get chores done around the house. Too much t.v. is not a good thing- fresh air is better for them.
My son is 3 months old %26amp; sometimes he will glance at the tv if it is on.I do not redirect his attention.I see no need.I wouldn't leavea child to watch tv for hours at a time,but a little while here and there,won't hurt anything.
I think it's because it helps them develope creativity. Read to your kid. My mom did to me and I loved it more than T.V. Spending time with parents is a kid's favorite thing at that age.
nah it helps them learn to talk and stuff i put my neice in front of the tv to watch blues clues and shes starting to talk shes a smarrty pants!
TV can be good and stimulating, but just dont let them watch it loads because they turn into indoor-lovers and even start developing the common accents and sayings
i'd say 2 or 3 is an appropriate age to start watching cartoons but make sure they don't watch too much and start them off by watching movies rather than tv.
depends on the cartoons and the content....there are tv channels dedicated to babies.....but tv is never an equal substitute for reading to them
as soon as there born

sit down, and watch tv while you feed yo baby

that's what my parents did to me and i turned out fine (twitch twitch)
Anytime. TV is entertaining and a big step in a kid learning about the real world
Never! Personally I wouldn't want my children to ever watch tv.
yes it's the best thing ever invented
no some children are not even interested watching tv till they are 2 -3 years old.
at birth, LOL

It poisons their minds!

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