Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How do you go to the hospital with out your parent knowing?

I fell off my roof and think I bruised a rib, but I have no clue. My parents grounded me the last time I went to the hospital for something like this.How do you go to the hospital with out your parent knowing?
IF your not 18 your parents are going to find out.

Unless you too young to have a drivers liscense of any kind of ID if you go in and BS you name and your parents names and your address but are consistant with the lie. In the US health care CANNOT be refused, all you got to do is get treated and wait till no one is looking and slip out!!!How do you go to the hospital with out your parent knowing?
Well unfortunately you will have to suffer getting grounded or suffer with a broken rib. You decide which is worse. If you are under 18 you can not be treated at the hospital without a parent unless it was some sort of emergency. You wont be able to walk into the emergency room and be treated because your injury is not a truama. Just tell your parents and get them to take you to the emergency room. You will be grounded for a while, but that is better than being in pain for a long time, not to mention the fact that your parents will figure out something is wrong with you anyway. I hope you feel better!
Dude, don't put your health at risk. It may be a cracked or broken rib. Be a man (or woman) suck it up and go tell your folks. They are gonna find out because there is no way that any hospital or doctor that will admit you unless they can get permission from your 'rents. You can't just let it go because you don't know what permanent damage can be done. Now go find your parents and stay off of the roof!


The Gypsy
pay a neighborhood bum to pretend to be your guardian, if you don't have any moneys, then sneak out any liqueur that you can find in your house. find out if theres anything wrong with you, if there is something wrong then i suggest that you tell your Real parents
Then you can deal with being grounded again for doing something so stupid. You need to tell an adult because you can't consent to treatment under the age of 18. Wow you'd think the last time you did this you'd learn a lesson. You sure you didn't fall on your head the first time?
You can't if you are a minor, your parents have to give them permission to treat you but for a bruised rib the hospital won't do anything for it unless it's broken
Just tell them the truth. It is poss possible you may have cracked or fractured a rib! ( I hope not ) but so what if they get upset with you. You need to get that checked out and please stay off the roof!!
1st why were you on the roof

2nd just tell them that you fell off the roof

i still dont get why you were on the roof
I guess you get grounded again but at least you can get proper medical treatment. What a child!
You can't unless you are over the age of 18. You're parents have to sign for you!
You've done something like this before!? And you didn't learn anything? You DESERVE to get grounded.

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