Thursday, May 13, 2010

What should a parent do if they cant support their child financially?

I have 2 write a paper for english and wanted to know what every 1 thought about this.What should a parent do if they cant support their child financially?
Hmm just two short years ago I was in this situation. Thrown out on my **** by my ex, unable to work due to complications with my pregnancy, living off less than $600 a month in a city where rent is over $1000 for a studio apartment.

What did I do? I swallowed my pride and asked for social assistance, got into subsidized housing and lived with my brother until my townhouse was ready. I took my full year maternity leave then got a job far better than the one I had left. I now make more than enough to support my daughters and myself. There were trips to the food bank and second hand clothes, a bus pass instead of a car and no coffee dates with friends but we made it.

Being poor is not a lifestyle unless you make it one, it is a situation that can be changed and is not permanent. Nobody should be pressured to place their child for adoption based on finances alone.What should a parent do if they cant support their child financially?
Get a another job if they need too, look into government programs. And of course stop brining kids into this world that they cant afford, even more if they can barely afford to take care of the ones that they already have.
Depends on why they are having trouble. There are agencies that give help to people that need it. Churches give food to those in need. United Way and Salvation Army help people pay electric bills so they have electricity. You can also go to family members for help. There are also those people unfortunately, that just need to get off their lazy butt and get a job.
They should get a job, or get a better job, or get another job, or stop making babies they can't support
Get some government assistance...foodstamps...welfare....WIC鈥? Just go to your local health department or Social Services
get a job. a spouse. sacrifice-walk instead of owning a car, or own a super cheap one, no cable, dining out, internet, those things that are at second hand stores and yard sales for clothing. join your counties freecycle to get furniture, toys, clothes, etc. have a strict budget.
They should seek assistance through Social Services. No parent should be forced to give up a child for adoption due to finances, but they often need help to get better jobs, education or simply an affordable rent.
Get help! There are plenty of programs out there designed to help parents and families who are having financial difficulties.
A parent should get a job %26amp; all the help they can get from programs like Wic....ect. If the $$ they are currently making is not enough to provide the necessities - then go get a better job (even if that means 2 jobs). Being poor is most of the time a choice that people make. Anyone can come into a bad situation, it's what you do with the situation that shows a persons true colors.

Oh yea, I feel like finances alone are not a good enough reason to give up your child for adoption. If people can't afford the child they have ----quit having more!!!!
Are you wanting just the gravy? Being a parent is taking the good with the bad, no one has ever promised that life is one big party. You and every one else will always have bad days, the trick is to look forward to the days of sunshine. I raised my kids, through a lot of bad times, that seemed serious at the time, but when it was over, it didn't seem that bad. So listen to the laughter and the crying, it is worth it.
First of all, they need to make sure they cant have any more kids. There are to many people that get help from the state thta really dont need it bc they are to damn lazy to get a job. o to Micky d's wendys somewhere is get one to help you out. Sorry may get some thumbs down but if you cant take care of your kids then why should go you have to go on the states programs to provide if you dont want to help yourself. I am for people getting on it as long as they get the help they need and get a job., There is a difference of helping you for a few months until you get on your feet but dont abuse the system. Get a job and do what ever you can but dont abuse the system
depends. what do you mean exactly by finacially support? if they can provide food, shelter and health care thats all these spoiled kids today need anyways
If they don't think they will ever be able to support the child or they just aren't good parents, they should put the child up for adoption. Then they can get their lives back together and the child will have a better life. Or, they can let the child stay with relatives for a while so they can get better jobs and things of that nature.
Depends on if it's long term or short term. If they feel that they will not be able to support a child for the long haul then they should consider adoption maybe something like an open adoption where they recieve pictures and letters about how the child is doing. If it is a short term doubt of financial stability then they should look in to the government assistance provided above by another poster.

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