Monday, May 10, 2010

Parents! What' your take on the nine year old girl who took a second joy ride in her parent's car?

And had her baby sibling along for the ride in Nashville, TN? Why can't these parents keep a nine year old from getting the car keys? What needs to happen before these children are returned to the parents? Any other thoughts?Parents! What' your take on the nine year old girl who took a second joy ride in her parent's car?
It's definitely the parents fault for not hiding the keys, also she wasn't punished enough that she did it for a second time.

I don't think there is a parent on Y A who wouldn't give this

young lady the spanking of her life.Parents! What' your take on the nine year old girl who took a second joy ride in her parent's car?
Ok, when I was nine I wouldn't DREAM of doing something like this. 9 is not a baby, she needs a HUGE reality check. A parent doesn't have to stand staring at their children 24/7, if this girl can't stop doing this the keys need to be locked up and she needs to be taught a lesson. Grounded, unplugged tv, no computer usage if she was allowed it, and NO TIME WITH FRIENDS.
Okay, to be fair, the first time the incident happened, the girl was with her it didn't happen twice to the same guardian.

That being said, there is obviously something terribly wrong in this family when a girl that age is pulling these kinds of stunts. Her mother should be charged with child endangerment and neglect for not providing adequate supervision.

P.S. When you post questions regarding news stories, you should always put a link so people can find out details about what you are talking about.
Put your keys somewhere where your child can't reach them. Especially if she's already done this once.

And it's not parents, it's parent, as the mother was staying at the boyfriend's home at the time of the incident. Don't even get me started on that. So inappropriate.
My take? That this girl is obviously not being raised correctly. Probably has a mom that got pregnant too young. And now her daughter is following in her footsteps. Getting in trouble w/ the law at the age of 9 and probably pregnant by 15.
The parents need to be under supervision? That's a tough question because obviously the parents can't or wont do their job.
I can't imagine that happening. I don't see why parents don't put their keys up out of their reach. Her parents need to go to parenting classes.
where the hell were the parents? imagine what this kid will be doing when she's 15 - yikes. it would never happen in my house. never.
Chinese Water Torture!
Crush the car.

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