Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How does a parent cope with long work schedule and helping our kids with homework?

Self employed parents seem to be spending more money on after school tuition fees just because these teachers can only teach so much!How does a parent cope with long work schedule and helping our kids with homework?
There's no reason for kids to need help with their homework. The assignments are structured and chosen so that the kid should be able to do them alone. Outside help is neither required or advised. It's far more helpful for the parent to maintain a home where school is respected, where there's a quiet place to study, where there isn't a television set, and where there are books. You don't need to have a set of encyclopedias or a tutoring service, just a respect for education and the expectation that your kid will behave in school and take the proceedings seriously.How does a parent cope with long work schedule and helping our kids with homework?
It is a crisis this day and time because it usually takes 2 parents working full schedules just to maintain a household and educate their children. Generally parents are too exhausted to help with homework and it takes considerable stamina to be able to do it. I suppose the parents could try taking turns. I've done it with my boys, but it wore me out. The education system needs to be overhauled in order to keep up with societal changes.
I have learned everything I know from the internet pretty much...

My brother is literally a rocket scientist, so I'm always curious about these things he says, and I look them up.

I'm able to solve real world problems from these ';troubles at work'; people always tell me about--

Yet, in school, when I ask an advanced question like the ones these people are asking in the real world I'll get kicked out of class or not taken at all seriously for ';being ridiculous with my questions.';

Really, if you can find a website online that teaches kids about whatever subject (there are tons of websites for every subject/thing, ever)-- they may find it entertaining to take a look at...
I agree with the poster above me. Homework shouldn't be something that needs constant parental help. I know this isn't always the case, but that's how it should be. If you're self-employed, I would assume you could, however, set aside a scheduled time each day for your kids to work on their homework while you do something productive as well. If everyone's working on something at the same time, the distraction level will decrease, and it won't take as much time to do the homework.
Find out what you can cut from your lifestyle.

Lunches out, coffees on the way to work, cable , cell phones and all the bells and whistles with those, cook home cooked, from scratch meals, limit spending on clothes and watch the brands and sales, stop smoking, and cut out junk food.

All of these can save enough money in one month that you could probably work one hour less every night, and be there for the children.

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