Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What is needed to travel to Canada without a parent?

I'm 16 and planning on visiting my family in Canada. I'm not sure if there are any authorized notes needed to travel by myself.What is needed to travel to Canada without a parent?
If you are 16, you will need a notarized letter from BOTH of your parents, authorizing you to make the trip, and you will need good ID. A passport is the easiest, but if you don't have one, or can't get one before you leave, make sure you have a birth certificate and some photo ID so you can prove you are American and get back in the US after your visit!What is needed to travel to Canada without a parent?
ummm if i remember correctly you dont really need anything besides id...photo id. espically if you're flying. mexico and canada dont require a passport if you have photo id.
As you are still minor you probably need more documents..I had sponsored 3 Japanese students not first timer and they told me that had a hard time coming back again.. not because you are a family member it would be very easy for you..unless you are traveling with your parents... my friend's daughter has been accompanied by her Mom everytime because she is only 17..

As your family is in Canada, I advise you to ask your family member to contact Immigration or authorities regarding your intention to go to Canada and the inquire the needed documents..

As they are also immigrants, they know the procedures and they might help you send some guarantor paper to visit too...

If US citizens are having hard time coming to Canada sometime and ask for more info or the other citizens that have waiver visa, as your country of origin is not under waiver visa program ...they would ask you more documents to submit.. if you are coming from another country...inquire Canada embassy... goodluck

good day !

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