Monday, May 10, 2010

What is the psychological problem of the sports obsessed parent?

Now is the season. My brother and sister-in-law are obsessed with their kids sports. They will miss family gatherings, graduations, marriages of friends (or should I say x-friends). Is this helpful for the children. I know that is what O.J.'s mother did with him and I don't think he turned out too normal. Any thoughts? The kids are not all that talented either.What is the psychological problem of the sports obsessed parent?
It sounds like they are trying to give their kids the message that they are the most important priority in their lives. This is not such a bad thing.

However, they are failing to teach their kids that there are other obligations that are important, (weddings, graduations, etc.) that they do as a family, and that sometimes require sacrifice (like missing a practice/game).

They're raising kids that feel loved and secure, but who will have terrible manners and social skills.What is the psychological problem of the sports obsessed parent?
Sounds like lost dreams projected ontot children to me. That is in no way healthy and can wear on a child's self esteem. I think the only person to get through to the parents is the children. Forcing a child to do a sport or stick with something they hate can cause the child to build a barrier or a dislike for the parent. Outside opinions from family and friends wouldn't matter at this point if once in a lifetime ceremonies are being disregarded over a lame soccer game... The kids need to stand up to the parents and let them know they are crazy oppressive and overly aggressive with the ';support'; in extracurricular activities.
Oh man I could go on and on about parents obsessed with their kid's sports.

I teach and coach hockey (when I ain't workin or goin to university) and I have got several kids who really didn't like hockey that much....but daddy played and so the son had to play too. And every parent thinks their kid is the next Wayne Gretzky.

And yeah they skip really good things that they could be doin that the kid would like better just so the kid don't miss his practice...even tho the kid would LIKE to miss practice. I really feel for a kid in this situation too. It wrecks the kid in a lotta ways. Sports is supposed to be fun for a kid. If the kid ain't havin fun you are wastin it.
Everything in moderation is normal but if the parents try to force the kids into peforming and not let them do sport because of the team spirit and because the kids really love it. if they get pushed to perform and to be the best then it's not normal because in that case the parents don't do it because they are proud of the kid or kids, they want it because they either we good at sports and expect it of their kids or because they failed and want the kids to be good and try to turn back time.. and doesn't work. That somehow reminds me of moms who push their little girls into joining beauty pageants and the kids are 5 or 6 years old and have to perform like robots and wear sexy outfits and big hairdoes and make up and that is the mothers who don't this for the kids.. these are obessive moms who want to be able to brag about their kids and maybe hope that will bring them fame and furtune.. same thing happened to Britney Spears.. she was pushed too hard by her ambitious and and greedy for money mother.. so now Britney has problems and I don't blame her.. she never had a normal childhood from age 8 onwards, first she was pushed into atlethics then it was the stage ... the singing and she was never allowed to just be herself so no it's not ok unless the parents go and cheer their kids on because the kids really love it and they have their friends there and all of them are a big team but is not about who does best... it's mainly for the fun and team spirit then it's fine but they should not forget family over that. That is obessive if they miss such important moments in the lives of their relatives.. such as marriages and graduations. That is something they should really see a specialist about but I doubt they would agree to do

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