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What is the most important thing you as a parent hope to teach your child?

I am doing some research for a new mothers program at my local hospital! Real moms are going to be quoted in a parenting brochure given to new mothers leaving labor and delivery.What is the most important thing you as a parent hope to teach your child?
First and foremost: That I love them no matter what happens.

Close 2nd: Morals and responsibility.What is the most important thing you as a parent hope to teach your child?
I want my children to be able to think for themselves and make their own decisions, not be led around by every latest idea and fad in thinking or what their friends think is right. I want them to make independent judgments based on what they know, and to research and learn when they don't have enough information to make their decision immediately.

From that ability comes ethics and morals and respect where it is deserved.
To be successful in life you must be happy! If money makes you happy...then get educated in a career that makes you happy and earn the money.

If love makes you happy...find love and never let it go!

I want my kids to be proud of themselves and their actions! Take responsibility for whatever actions they've taken in life and not be ashamed of it.

Follow your's yours and you're the only one who know's whats right for you! And you dont want to be left wondering. . .What if!

There is so much I'd like to teach my kids. But I think as long as they know I love them and I'm proud of everything they do! Then I've done my job!
To treasure every moment %26amp; appreciate it and when you think you've done your best, chances are you have. I have 4 boys, we do so much together. We do Boy Scouts, Baseball, Hockey, Homework, Mommies studies (1 hour of advanced tutoring per day), Play Board games, card games! I don't feel like my kids can ever say mom didn't spend time with us. I want them to treasure every moment they have alive. Appreciate the simple pleasures of life, the sun on your face on a cold day, the grass smell on a dreary morning, the trees full and green the sound of the water flow in the stream. Those things are natural no money can take that away! Sure I want my kids to be wealthy and Smart (they are straight A students) but life has so much more to offer!

On the other hand my kids know work now play later; better to be a live chicken than a dead chicken; if someone says keep a secret chances are it is wrong and you should tell me right away; Don't do something you will regret tomorrow- try to think two steps ahead of a decision if you feel it is something not quite right; take care of your brothers as you would yourself; what goes around comes around in some form or fashion so do good and good shall come; Right is right and wrong is wrong not matter how you twist it or sugar it up; Don't be afraid to say sorry- your even bigger for apologizing; love yourself first if not no one else will truely love you for you; if you love yourself first you won't settle for someone putting you last. I have a few kids so I keep instilling my morals and love into them.
I am a mother of all girls for right now, but I have a feeling I have at least one boy on the way. (I'm pregnant with triplets.)

For my daughters, self respect and confidence. That was my problem when I was growing up.

For my sons, respect for women. It is so hard to find a man that respects women. My husband is a great role model in that department! I'm so lucky to have him.
The one thing I hope to pass on to my daughter is self worth....I think that if she thinks of herself positively everything else will fall into place. She'll set goals and reach them, she'll have respect for herself and for others and she'll be a strong and independant woman like her mommy....:)
That she can do anything! My mom always said she was going to take the word ';can't'; out of my vocabulary, and I hope to teach my daughter the same. Good luck with your project.
Being financially responsible!

All the other things people focus on with morals, and right from wrong...won't make a difference in the world if they cant manage a checkbook, and are broke.
respect for authority, for others, and for self.
Common sense! There's so little of it these days...
that they are special just because of who they are.

Both for others and themselves.
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