Sunday, May 9, 2010

What is the best age to become an adoptive parent?

Apparently the average age is 37-40, but is this because of infertility and years of IVF failing or because they just want to adopt at this age? What is wrong with a fertile person adopting at age 25?What is the best age to become an adoptive parent?
25 is the age overseas like you to be, however it depends on the person. When they are ready etc. Although i think anything under 21 is too young.What is the best age to become an adoptive parent?
I adopted at 41, and it's the best thing I ever was able to do. Our child is thriving, happy, and now that I'm older, more settled, wiser, better off financially, and emotionally, and more stable than I've ever been, it makes our home an excellent home for him.

Ideally, every child would be born with perfect parents, and every parent that wanted children would be able to when they wanted, and not so if they didn't. Unfortunately, this world isn't fair.
Well I'm 26 and adopting but my husband and i had to save up all our combat pay to do so. I don't know that most young people could afford to adopt. My husband and I have already payed 10,000 for our adoption and we aren't going Through an agency, just a lawyer. So that would be my guess.

Also IVF and what not cost a lot and it you do that 1st then you have to wait a save money again.

Aside from that when you are young and there is still a chance you can have kids down the line you have to be absolutely sure you will love your children all the same. Also that the woman who is allowing you to adopt her child is ok with the idea that you may someday have more children. Hope that helps.
You know I started planning a family at 20 yrs old and I considered fostering at that age but was advised to get parenting experience first with my own kids. (That didn't mean they had to be biological.) Became a mother at 36yrs old for the first time. When is the right time...I don't know if there is a real answer to that. Maybe when a person is mature enough to handle giving up their own needs for the life of another. (EG, can't go night clubbing with a baby...)
hwen you feel ready for it it doen't matter how old, but it you can give love, time and care why not?
u may meet someone who u want 2 have ur own child with therefore u may regret having the adoptive child but its ur chose don't listen to us

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