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What is the difference between nanny and a parent?

Where can I find out facts about what is proven to be better, for a child to stay home with a parent or have a babysitter/nanny for your child at a very young age (under one) Does anyone know any studies done. What effects does it have on child development if he is with a babysitter?

ThanksWhat is the difference between nanny and a parent?
If the sitter is interested in the childs intellectual, emotional, social, and physical well-being and a kind loving person it can only do wonders for the child. The more people who really care for a child the better. A varied and rich environment can teach many things such as different ways of expressing themselves, different ways to problem solve, differences in cultures, races, religion. How to treat and relate to others. I have seen parents totally ignore the varied needs of thier children only because they think they are all the child will ever need.What is the difference between nanny and a parent?
A nanny is a hired person that takes care of a child or children, a parent is the child's biological mother and father.
a nanny is like a 3rd parent for a child to look after the kid and bathe the kid and shelter the kid meanwhile the parents are out of town or busy. and a parent is a person who supports their child and feeds their child and bathes their child and shelters their child and educates their childs and make sure their child is taken care of properly until the child reaches the age of 18 and moves out of the house and gets a job.
In my opinion it is better for the child to stay at home with the parent for the first few months of his/her life. Its a great way for them to bond and an infant needs their parent. I had to work after my 6wk. maternaty leave but my son stayed with his dad whild I was gone. Sometimes you have to do what you gotta do, but if possible stay with your infant. Oh, get a very thorough background check on the nanny and set up servalience. Never know, better to be safe than sorry. Good Luck
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Oh, I know from personal experience that with nanny's, sometimes the child doesn't get all the attention it deserves, or in other cases, the child gets attatched more to the nanny than to the parent. My parents had to find a good nanny--one nanny kept stealing food and jewelry from the house, another nanny use to watch soap operas ALL DAY, while the two kids would just play around the house (not very good supervision). and my mother still laughs about it, but when i was three, I had a young nanny that took care of me for a couple of months, and i grew so attatched to her that i cried whenever she left, and I wouldn't want to hug my mother, i wanted to hug the nanny!!!

So, I think that it creates a stronger bond when you have a parent taking care of the, sometimes you can't trust the quality of the nannys.

good luck!
nannies are paid moms that didn't have the enjoyment of making the baby or the hardship of delivering it.
It is now excepted by most child experts that a stay at home mum is far more benifitial to the childs development than having the child rared by a nanny ie ( Mary poppins type ) .
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