Sunday, May 9, 2010

What is the best way to help a single parent family without being offensive?

I don't mean giving them money, etc. There is just this lady I know that has three very young children, and my heart goes out to her every time I see her struggle in a grocery store, or at church or the park. I don't want her to think that I am disapproving of her parenting skills. I think she's an AWESOME mother!What is the best way to help a single parent family without being offensive?
Help her out when you see her struggling. I have done that before and I love it when other people help me out when I need it. It should not matter if she is a single mom. I've seen many two parent families and only one parent does everything. The only way she would think you are disapproving of her parenting skills is if you offered advice on how to change her current situation.What is the best way to help a single parent family without being offensive?
first you need to know if she needs help. But if you have clothes that don't fit your kids ask if she would like to go through them as you would rather give them to people you know will take care of them. it is a start and nor offensive. My friends and I pass clothes around our kids all the time
Good for you!!! As a single parent, when my child was younger something as simple as holding a door for me was greatly appreciated. Become friends first, if you see a need ask if you can help. If you are already her friend at that point she won't feel badly. Every once in awhile let her know how much you admire what she does - We all need encouragement..single, married, with or without children!
Then tell her the next time you see her. You would be amazed at how uplifting it can be to get praise.

If you see her struggling with groceries or something offer to help carry them. Ask her if she would like to meet up for coffee one day. Maybe she needs an adult friend to talk to sometimes.

It doesn't always have to be charity.
Can you start to make friends with her next time you see her? Strike up a conversation, and be really friendly. Then the next time, offer to help with bags. On the 3rd time, see if she wants to go for coffee or to the park with her kids. Once you become friends, you'll be able to help her without it seeming offensive.

Hats off to you for being such a nice person!!

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