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How do children born to religious parents believe in Santa as well as their parent鈥檚 god?

I mean, these children are often told about other magical invisible characters too like the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy, but for some reason they reach an age where they鈥檙e either directly told by someone or they come to the conclusion themselves that only their parent鈥檚 god is the real magical invisible character; what makes them think of their parents god as different to other magical invisible characters?How do children born to religious parents believe in Santa as well as their parent鈥檚 god?
Where religion is concerned, common sense goes out the window.How do children born to religious parents believe in Santa as well as their parent鈥檚 god?
Most parents tell their children about the imaginary characters such as Santa in a way that encourages them to believe in them, while at the same time knowing that they aren't true. Sometimes little kids don't know that Santa or the Tooth Fairy is not real, but when they get older, they eventually find out. Whereas relgion is a very different thing, because most parents who are part of a religion focus on that a lot more than and take them more seriously, and they are taught to their children as something that is real. So it's possible to believe in God and in magical/imaginary characters but at the knowing that they don't really exist.
Well parents indoctrinate their children into such fairy tale beliefs and then teach them that Dec 25th is the fictional character Jesus' BD, when it was a pagan holiday that the Catholic church stole and claimed as JC's BD. Some god's son that a pagan holiday had to be stolen so he could have a BD.
well, that was me about 10 years ago mum never really said much about the easter bunny or santa except on the holidays but was always talking about god and stuff like that so i naturally just didn't care much about the others. there is also the theory that we naturally want to believe in something with a solid foundation. religion is far more solid then these cartoon images you see once a year.
many adults believe in God unlike santa, Tooth Fairy etc

plus it's obvious when you catch your parents with the teeth/parents it's a con

faith can move mountains and make people believe in allsorts like how the bigots are liars, hypocrites, intolerant, bigoted, violent and some are murderers because their God says it's ok and they've rationalised it as 'love'

edit: truth is right - many don't admit that Christians stole the Pagan's day from them
my children don't believe in santa. I wont fill their heads with some kind of selfish rubbish about toys. If they are good, god will reward them, if bad, they are going to hell. Christmas is about CHRIST not presents. They get one present each, educational or of a religious theme.
The teaching of faith, hope and dreams is what structures a child...therefore, a happy childhood is had by those who believe...a child needs structure, dreams, hope and faith. That, is taught to them as well as religion, once they are grown, they will have those things to encourage them, and their beliefs will be chosen by them, sometimes they will be of the same religion as their parents, other times, their views will change, they can decide for just gives them the tools. I hope you can understand what I am trying to say...those who are taught well, will be better prepared for their future. BTW, I am not a devout catholic, but I do believe in God . My sons are not worse off or resentful of Santa, the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy, they remember them as happy moments in their childhood.
How insightful of you. That was exactly the time I realised that god couldn't be true too. In fact it caused me to be resentful that they had lied to me and I had gone along with it all. I felt stupid.

They then tried to tell me that the god story was true and I asked for proof. Apart from the ';look at all the beautiful flowers'; cr*p they couldn't come up with anything.

I remember thinking at the time that making up a story about a man in the clouds creating flowers was as stupid as saying a giant worm planted them. I was 7 and this was when I grew up. I never looked back I am glad to say.
this is what i think so i dont know how much it will help

I think it is because children see these mythical creatures in the media and so they belive they are real because they can 'see' them when they are told thet are not real they start to accept it because these media images are aimed at kids they actually start to see once they grow up and learn how the world works that these 'creatures' are just propaganda. Yet when it comes to powers greater than any of us we are taught that they are always around and, like Jesus, were once human but are no longer with us. THis gives us the thought that they are real as theyre human spirit will live on. The greater powers are there to serve a purpose where as these 'creatures' are theyre for the wrong purposes and we learn that everyone in adultlife shares this view of them once grown up
I guess my house growing up had a healthy attitude ( I think ) to 'Santa'; and the religion. To 2 really did not mix. Some family members that did hold to Christmas being about Jesus ';birthday'; tapped out for midnight mass, the rest of them stayed until 2-3:00am. ( from Christmas Eve ).
Santa means Saint

Saint Nicholas
I suupose many christian family's make the mistake of teaching about a false Santa

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