Monday, May 10, 2010

What could happen if a child lives with a parent or grandparent that is suicidal ?

My step daughter lives with her grandfather and mother, the grandfather is in the hospital for threatening suicide. My husband and I live in another state, the step daughter (9 yrs old) was over in the summer, threatening suicide and I called the police in a timely manor. The mother tried putting the blame on me, and I knew it wasn't my fault. Now over the grandfather is in the hospital for threatening suicide. What should I do, and advice.What could happen if a child lives with a parent or grandparent that is suicidal ?
Ouch- 9yrs old threatening suicide ? Am I getting this right both threatened suicide ? Wow I'm at a loss. Something must be really wrong. I would suggest inpatient treatment at a clinic that can help her. Grandparents is a whole other problem. Sounds like it could run in the family. After they evaluate her at the clinic they will probably suggest some type of medicine to maintain a better chemical balance, because it sounds like it runs in the family it can defiantly be chemical. The Grandparent also needs medical treatment and counseling. I would plan a visit but get you crap together before you go and make a plan. Sounds like it is intervention time. If you go on a whim sh** will hit the fan. If you don't get help for the young one now you will be dealing with it in the future.

best of luck and I really hope everything works out for you.What could happen if a child lives with a parent or grandparent that is suicidal ?
that's a tough question because as a step mother you have little rights when it comes to making decisions on her behalf, and unfortunately you can become the ';bad guy'; and become the blame. However at that age she is very likely to pick up the negative attention getting problems going on around her. If she is around it enough it can affect her in a very negative way. But if she is getting the attention and and being explained at her level of what is going on she wil be more likely to come through it ok. Just know your boundaries and remember you are only the stepmother, and no matter how much you love and care for her you can only do so much. I know the feeling all to well. Talking with your husband is the first step. Let him know your concerns and remind him of how much you care for her. If she is already showing signs of understanding the suicide part of whats going on she may need help herself. Good luck hon n hope this helps!
A close friend of my friend's dad commited suicide, when people do that, they aren't thinking of anyone around them and how it would effect them. I couldn't imagine growing up knowing my mother/father has commited suicide. It is a very tough thing to deal with, if it isn't a burden on you and your husband, take her into your house, it sounds like in her grandparents house she isn't safe.
If her father wants to get custody of her, it sounds like he is well in his right. It has to be his decision though bc he is her legal guardian. If he does, then you should really push him to go to court and do the best for her. She is nine yrs. old I think that is old enough to let her make the decision as well, but if there is documentation of suicide, he really has that going for him. Good LUck
Get the child out of that home... have her move in with you 'n your husband. I know it wont be easy taking her from her mother and maybe even living with you but I would be the best thing for the child. I also suggest family therapy.. she has major issues if shes only 9 and tried to commit suicide or even considered it.

im 12 so i dont know, but i think you should call 911 because its serious. you get get custody of the kid even if she isnt yours. if you are not affecting the girls suicidal wanting life then theres no wrong. if she spends time with her grandfather a lot then thats where its coming from. anyways, thats all i could say, call 911 and get custody of the child.
that's a serious issue. my family friends' grandfather lived with him and his family and one day he just hung himself and was left there for my friend to see when he got home. it was an awful, awful thing for him to cope with. i suggest that you get her out of the house..that kind of situation could turn badly very quickly and could definitely cause some issues that she might not ever get over.
the child could, and most likley will, suffer from stress, and maybe even learn to be like that if he/she is very young, if at all possible then try to remove the child out of that person's care.
u need to get ur kid out!!!!!

my grandmother committed suicide in 2001, and i am still devastated, i loved her and it was enough that she died, but that she did it herself just kills me. u need to get ur kid and get out!
It is a form of Child abuse, hopefully the suicide succeeds so the kid will not have to live there.
Are you stupid

fly you ******* daughter over to you

you should take in your step daughter and help be the role model that she badly needs at the moment
that child could walk into something grusome...get your kid back
Umm get ur child back with u before she too becomes a suicidal freak...
Kick off and make your point clear that they should sort their heads out
i dont knw you tell me????

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