Friday, January 15, 2010

What would happen if my parent hid my best friend in my home due to child abuse?

My best friend's dad abuses her physically and mentally.

She has tried getting away and when she last came to mine he came looking for her and got her and abused her...

She was near my house not in it.

If she ran away and came to mine and stayed here what would happen if her parents or police came round???

PLEASE dont go on about reporting it PLEASEEEEEE because that might be an option in the future but i just want my question answering first. Thanks.What would happen if my parent hid my best friend in my home due to child abuse?
Your parents could be prosecuted.

It has to be reported and it is exceedingly childish to say anything else.What would happen if my parent hid my best friend in my home due to child abuse?
You can not wait any longer if she has any bruises cuts even panic attacks headache go to the emergency room and report the abuse there.They are a lot better then the police the police will come but you will have more options for her and mom
If the police cam round they could class it as a kidnap

the best thing to do it to report it NOW. i know you said don't say about reporting it but it's seriously the only right option
Report it. It is really serious and it not a good idea for her to stay in your house because your parents have no legal right to do that.

Report it.
i really dont know what could happen, if anything your parents could get in trouble, but wouldnt you rather seek help and see your friend get protection and live a better life than they are living now?
If your parents hide your friend, rather than being open about it, they could be done for kidnap.
OK, some more background, approx age %26amp; how long this has been going on, what sort of injuries %26amp; so would have been helpful.

However, I guess to much detail might reveal who this friend is to others around.

Simply ';running away'; to stay with you is probably not an option.

If here father reports her as missing to the Police there will be a full scale search %26amp; the implications for her %26amp; those helping her could be serious - wasting Police time is the least you could expect %26amp; in the end you're trying to help your friend, not get one or both of you landed with a criminal record.

Her age is very important. If she's under 16 then her father (parents?) have a lot of rights as far as custody of their daughter is concerned.

Under that age the Police would (assuming your parents refused to hand her back) would have to carry out an investigation as to how the situation arouse. that would include the abuse.

On the flipside, the parents of the girl concerned would have the right to pursue a case of kidnap, their daughter having been held against their will %26amp; (effectively) removed from their care illegally.

If you are over 18 %26amp; sheltered her under those terms above, the same principals would apply to you.

If you are under 18 you'll find the Police will simply remove your friend %26amp; take steps to place her under appropriate protection.

If your friend is between 16 %26amp; 18 she can, in principal, leave home.

However, she will have to be able to show she is not in any moral or physical danger %26amp; able to either support herself, or be supported by a responsible %26amp; appropriate adult.

Not as easy as it sounds.

In almost all the above scenarios Socil Services would become involved - where your friend is under 18 (likely) Under 16 (definatley).

As I said at the top; approx ages etc. would have helped!

I KNOW you said don't go on about reporting this.

BUT! All of the above are likely to lead to a Police investigation one way or another - I can't see her father just thinking ';what the hell'; the day he finds she's left.

That's because, despite the abuse, he came looking for her, so he expects to know where she is %26amp; so on.

If your friend is afraid to go to the Police directly she can go to her doctor (on the basis of any injuries she might have) %26amp; let them take over the reporting of this abuse.

Alternatively, use the school (if she still goes) - the staff there will probably have systems %26amp; support they can use to help.

In the end, it isn't about the reporting of the offence, it's getting help for her %26amp; her father (or family) at what is undoubtably a difficult time.

Many such cases are resolved without the courts.

Better your friend sets that ball rolling herself, thatn have a stranger in the street see her assualted %26amp; then calling the Police as an emergency.

If that happened the whole picture could change quite dramtically %26amp; very quickly - in ways that might not be for the best.

I hope your friend finds the courage to overcome her fears.

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