Saturday, January 23, 2010

Single-parent teachers: How do you maintain work-life balance?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the teaching profession for single-parents? I can think of a few myself, but I want to hear from people who have actually done this, especially with young children. Teaching seems to be a pretty demanding profession, so how did/do you make the time to be a good single-parent while pursuing a teaching career?Single-parent teachers: How do you maintain work-life balance?
I was already established as a teacher when I had my son. I was also married... not anymore. I actually find it easier, because I know that I need to ask people for help with watching my son on nights like parent/teacher conferences. In the past I would depend on my husband to watch him and he wasn't exactly dependable. The difference I see is that I always have to have my lesson plans ready a little more in advance than I did before because if my son gets sick and I can't make it into work, my plans need to be clear in case a sub needed to be there for me for a couple of days. That is a disadvantage. This summer though ... home by myself, getting to know my son and spend time with him. Huge advantage to being a teacher! I also know that my job is stable so I will be able to support us. Good luck to you!Single-parent teachers: How do you maintain work-life balance?
Time management, prioritizing goals and agendas, and work balancing are all interconnected. Trimming the fat off of the time you devote to certain activities can literally save up several hours in a week, or even sometimes within a day. If you want to spend more time with your kids and your partner then you don't want to spend several evening hours at home interfacing with the office, zoning out in front of an electronic device, or hanging at your favorite water hole with your friends. Priorities are necessary to help direct us toward the behaviors that will help us toward the ultimate goal of balancing work and family.
I got a job at the school they attended and it worked out fine to be honest............

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