Saturday, January 23, 2010

How do i deal with a narrow minded parent?

I'm 22 year old college living at home. Every time my mom and I have a disagreement about something she gets upset and threatens to hit me. She tells me I'll never be as wise as her and that having a college education is nothing compare to wisdom. She's so narrow-minded and thinks she's always right. It's like I'm living with a dictator or something. Should I just keep my mouth close and listen to everything she says or is it time to move out?How do i deal with a narrow minded parent?
Maybe she is right. I'll tell you this much - wisdom and experience beat education any day of the week.

I have kids and I find myself wanting to lecture them, but I still remember my youth. I didn't listen, I heard, but didn't listen. In all honesty most parents want to have their kids avoid the same mistakes they made. Your mom is looking out for you.

Here's one fact - it takes two to have an argument. Yeah best keep your mouth shut and at least hear what she has to say. You don't have to pay attention, don't visibly blow her off. Instead of argumentative remarks try 'thanks for the advice mom' and leave it at that. Maybe even think about what she had to say.

You other option is clear - move out. Build your own experience and wisdom.How do i deal with a narrow minded parent?
This is a case of mother being jealous of you because you are living the life that she wish she could live. If you can, I would move out to live your life the way you want to live it. Because if you keep your mouth close about this, what will be next, telling you how to dress and who to hang out with? I want to end this passage with this quote that I hold dear to when I encounter narrow-minded people:

POVERTY: It is not living in a small house, but living in a small mind. Do your thing and enjoy life.
If you have the means to move out, and if the relationship with your mom is causing you a great deal of stress, then move.

Maybe your mother is actually JEALOUS of the fact that you are going to college and she didn't... people have some strange ways of thinking..most parents would be thrilled for their child, but then there is that minority who has to be ';different';.
Move out! Trust me, you will get along with your parents a lot more when you do not live with them. Do whatever you have to do to get out of that situation, man, you're 22 years old of course you're not as wise as your mother, but that doesn't mean that you have to live with her and take crap that you don't want to.
Well lets see.. if u dont like it, move out, if u cant afford to move out then shut ur mouth do what your told until u can.. fact is as long as your financially dependent on your parents u have to live by their rules, adult or not, your still a kid if ur financially dependent on them.. if u dont like it.. get ur things and move out..
As long as you are living under her roof you should just listen, smile sweetly and say something like ';Maybe someday I'll be as wise and TOLERANT as you';. She does sound like a dictator but as I said, it's her house.
Experienced wisdom usually surfaces when one is independent. That would say, it may be time to try your wings.....鈾モ櫏

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