Saturday, January 23, 2010

How are you going to pay your parent sback for giving you life?

And possibly for supporting yoou for at least 18 years?How are you going to pay your parent sback for giving you life?
If my parents end up contributing anything to my education, I'm going to pay them back when I can afford it. They may not be doing anything but cosigning though, so we'll see. If I can afford it I want to take my mother to Hawaii someday. I think that's where we're going on our honeymoon and I feel guilty for going without her, so we'll have to make a separate trip. :)

Otherwise, they'll have my respect for allowing me to live long enough to move out on my own.How are you going to pay your parent sback for giving you life?
PAY???? you dont have to pay them anything.Being a parent is a big commitment and if you dint want kids you should have never had them.You dont pay your parents for giving you life and bringing you into the world.Yes being a parent is hard and doing it for 18years is hard but you dont pay them back for giving you life.They should be happy you are here in this world
i haven't planned on it. they DIDNT have to have me, but they werent asked to have me either. but either way, i have given them grand kids, i think thats a good payback
I'm not going to. They should be content with two smart daughters, I'm giving them the opportunity to be wished happy mother and father's day.
My parents got everything they wanted when they had there kids... Our endless love and the pride of knowing they raised there kids to be good loving parents...
you shouldn't have to PAY your parents back. they should be blessed to have you for 18 years !

your parents most likely had parents for 18 years as well... this isn't a ';trading'; thing
thats their responsibilty as parents when they have children they shouldnt expect anything back. and if thats how you feel, then you suck
By being happy because, in the end, that is what they truly want for you.
eventually support her with my art career.
you pay it back by creating life yourself!
Yes, and I consider them paid in full. I gave them GRANDKIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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