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How do you prove you're a single parent when travelling internationally with a minor?

At the international airport, a parent travelling with a minor son/daughter is required to provide proof that the absent parent approves of the international travel in the form of a notarized authorization. If you're a single parent or if you're spoused is deceased, what documents do authorities look for instead?How do you prove you're a single parent when travelling internationally with a minor?
The child will need a passport too, and that normally requires the signatures of both parents. If the other parent is deceased or if you have sole legal and physical custody of the child, you need to provide the death certificate or court order to show this. The same proof can be used to show that there is no other parent avail. to sign a permission letter..or that you legally do not need the letter. Some countries do not require a letter of permission, but many do and it is becoming more it is very wise to have it...or proof that it is not needed. People at the passport office deal with this all the time and are good at it. So,when you go to submit the passport application for the child and are not sure what proof they need, ask. If the other parent has just ';disappeared'; out of the child's life, you can get a letter from your lawyer stating that person cannot be found, a letter from your clergyman, your doctor, just to show that the person cannot be located.How do you prove you're a single parent when travelling internationally with a minor?
Different countries have different requirements. The answers given here may have been accurate for the people who wrote them, but they might not be the right answer for you if you are traveling to a different country.

The only safe thing to do is to call the embassy or nearest consulate of the country that you are visiting. You can find the contact information by enter ';embassy of [country] in the US'; in a search engine or by checking the consular information sheet at They can tell you exactly what is required.

Don't take any chances. If you arrive at the airport with inadequate documentation, the airline will refuse to board you and your trip will be over before it starts.
Whoa interesting question when traveling u will probably require guardian ship paper or permission from parents but if the child parents are deceased u will probably need a court permission to go travel with a child.

When i was young i lost my mother and my father and my sister took custody of me we had to go to court for guardian papers and proof that my parents where deceased.

But mostly u will need to carry the child social security number date of birth and guardian ship papers but if that doesnt help the government can help people solve this problem.

I am not %100 percent sure but theres also something else if the child is under your deceased spouse name and not in yours they will probably not let u fly or travel anywhere unless u have proper documents like permission from a judge or government or if u have custody of the child.
ive never heard of this. me, my mom, and stepdad took my niece and nephew overseas and didn't have any problem (we just needed the passport) and of course we went with my sisters permission.
take the decseased death cirtificate with you...if there is just ';no'; mother/farther (ie. you dont know who it is for watever reason) take the birth cirtifficate of the child... hope i helped :)
will show with a birth control and deanth certificate so they can compare it i think try that or call the airport
my daughters husband committed suicide so she had to use the death certificate in order to take her kids to Mexico...

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