Sunday, January 17, 2010

How can you become a foster parent to a dog?

What do i need to do to become a foster parent to dogs! I see it everywhere and would love to do something like that! I know it is just like owning the dog until someone else adopts it from you! But how do i get started?How can you become a foster parent to a dog?
You should go to your local shelter and ask them about the program. I know you have to pay a fee of around 25-35 $ fill out an application . Every state has their own laws about that. Your best bet is to just go to a shelter and ask them about the foster care program.How can you become a foster parent to a dog?
Check with your local humane shelter-pet shelter,also check with your local vet offices, sometimes they know some pets needing foster homes,
you need to get hold of your human people in your area. to see if they do that. you could call the dog shelter also and ask them.
BRAVO FOR YOU!!! Contact your local shelter. There is also other things you can do to help our furry friends. They could always use volunteers at the shelter to walk, groom, feed and clean the cages.
Contact your local animal shelter or humane society. They are always in need of good foster homes.
What I would suggest is going to the local animal shelter, and ask about fostering. That's how I got my fostering started. That should get you there.
Contact your local humane society or animal rescue society. The one here has affliations with several foster groups. Some are breed specific and some are not.
become a volenteer for a humane society or your local SPCA. They are always looking for good people to help.
The way I found fostering was when I was looking into adopting. I was so fond of the way this place took care of their animals. So I asked about fostering too:0

I went to You can search for local shelter's/rescues/pounds in your area, that is close to you. Than enjoy the hunt to find the place that suits you best.

It's so great to hear people wanting to help, kudos to you:)
You can do that by volunteering at the humane shelter. The one where I live has a foster care program.
There are a ton of rescue groups on Petfinder - look at the ones that are close to you by a zip code search.

Many of those groups are going to have guidelines about what it's like to foster dogs for them, and what to expect.

I foster for a small-dog rescue group here in NYC, and I transport new rescues from the shelters or from their former homes to their new foster situations (if they don't go with me). It's great to see the dogs relax once they're away from the city shelters, and even better to adopt them to new homes. Good luck!

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