Thursday, January 21, 2010

How can I change dependency from one parent to another?

I am a full time student under 24 years old. My parents are divorced and I am currently a dependent of my dad. I would like to become a dependent of my mom because she is now going to pay for college.

What forms or process do I need to go through to change? If so when will it be changed?How can I change dependency from one parent to another?
You do not do any thing. Whoever meets the requirements can claim you.

Only custodial parent can claim the child. It does not count who is paying child support. Also, non-custodial parent can claim the child only if the custodial parent signs a release Form 8863 or there is a court order meeting the IRS requirements. Who can claim the child if the parents are divorced, separated or unmarried, read:鈥?/a>How can I change dependency from one parent to another?
You can't change it, and you have nothing to say about who claims you. The parent you live with has the right to claim you unless there is a valid court order saying the other parent can, or the parent you live with voluntarily signs over your exemption to the other parent.
That's not for you to decide. That's for your parents to work out since it's THEIR tax form and if they BOTH try to do it, the IRS will be looking for proof of dependency.
It's irrelevant. BOTH of your parents' incomes come in to play for FAFSA purposes. It does NOT matter which one can claim you as a dependent.
You do nothing. Your mom just claims you on her taxes instead of dad. 24 is a bit old to still be a dependent
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