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How do you go about becoming a foster parent for dogs?

I guess that foster parent would be the proper term. It's something that I'm interested in, and I wondered how you became qualified to that. I'm a little weary though, because I have small children, and I know that rescue dogs need a lot of love and training, and some may be trouble dogs. Anyone have any information?How do you go about becoming a foster parent for dogs?
If there is a specific breed that you like you could find a rescue group for that breed and let them know you're interested in fostering. Most groups will have you fill out an application and do a home visit. You could also contact your local animal shelter and let them know. They'll be able to tell you what their application process is like.

It's a wonderful experience to open your home and your heart to a foster dog. Good luckHow do you go about becoming a foster parent for dogs?
It is nice that you want to help, and any shelter or rescue group would be glad to have you.

However, if you are unsure about the children and all your other responsibilities, maybe fostering is not something you should just jump into. You could select a breed you love, and volunteer to do other things for them first, to ease yourself into working for rescue. While you volunteer, you will learn tons about how to care for a foster dog, and whether you will be able to make the commitment or not.

Then you can take the plunge with confidence and know you are doing good, while caring for your family as well.

The way to go about volunteering is pretty much the same all over. You apply to volunteer with whatever group you pick, and they will help you from there!

Good luck!
You should probably find a breed you're interested in and then find a rescue organization for that breed nearby. If they think you have the proper credentials, you could foster a dog until it is adopted.

You can also go to a local animal shelter and adopt a dog to foster and rehome later. Good luck!
You can contact any local rescue that has a foster care program (try looking on at the rescues listed there 鈥?most of those dogs are in foster homes)

I foster for a great organization called Stray From the Heart here in NYC. I love doing it (it provides my adopted dog with companionship and me with the ability to help out a dog in need).

Rescues with foster care programs won't want to place a dog that won't suit you in your home 鈥?it wouldn't be fun for either parties. Contrary to popular belief, most rescue dogs don't need intensive rehabilitation. Although I do it myself sometimes, I live alone and am experienced with tough cases.

If your foster dog is coming straight from the shelter, it might not be house trained, but the longest it's taken me to 100% house train a dog was a week.

If the dog doesn't work out for you, then the rescue will find an alternate housing situation for the dog (they don't want to lose foster homes because there are so few as it is).

Express your concerns with the rescue and they'll try to work with you. There are so few homes willing to open their doors to dogs in need but so many dogs getting put down, they can pull a dog out of a shelter to specifically suit you and your situation (this has happened with me in the past).

Insofar as qualifications, they'll want to know your experience with dogs as well as at least 2 personal references. And they'll oversee how the dog first settles into your home.

But it is so rewarding I hope you choose to try it out. Finding a good rescue is key, so ask them as many questions as they'll want to ask you. Consult a couple of rescues to see which seems to work best for you. It's a team effort to foster and place a dog so you've got to like your teammates!

Hope it all goes well and thank you immensely for considering helping a dog out in need!
contact your local animal shelter, they have training courses I think and they come and inspect the home and stuff like that. You have to fill our an application form and they see if you are suitable for the job.
call your local animal shelter...they usually foster out animals until they can be put up for adoption.

There is an application..

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