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What complications have you had dating a single parent?

Im a single dad and the dating game is a bit difficult being a parent,so what problems have you encountered while dating a single parent,this can go for single mom or dad.But i would mostly like to know on dating a single mom.What complications have you had dating a single parent?
I've never had problems dealing with men with children. It's usually the crazy ex-wives that seem to want to cause trouble! If they have a lot of ex-wife drama, I usually don't want to get involved with them.What complications have you had dating a single parent?
issues with the ex and custody, this goes for either parties. Your best bet is to keep that aside from your own love life and to never let it interfere with the relationship of child
The kids eventually ruined it.......
I would imagine them bad @ss kids ! and the daddy !
I've met the child from h*ll. Lord knows where they are now but they aren't in my life. I do know that. Dad was great. The child was a terror.
My husband immediately dumped the kids on me while he worked every day until past their bed time. I don't know why he sought custody when he had no intention (or no time) to care for his children. They went back to their mom, and now if he has visitation, he has to be here. I'm not a babysitter, and they don't come to visit me.
There's never been any problems with the child involved, or the parent that is being seen.

It's always ex-spouse trouble. Drama that any normal, unhateful person would avoid starting- but due to bitterness, they feel the need to make everyone's life hell.
Merlin...that's funny.

I dated a single mom once with a 12 yr old boy.....yikes. The kid was crazy jealous to the point of emotional outbursts...not a good time.
Im a single dad dated a few woman with kids . The biggest problem i had was the woman wanted me to treat there kids better then my own . I am at the point i stopped dating altogether . My kids mean more to me then some whining cranky woman .
I am in a LTR but dating was a struggle... so I gave up on men without kids.. you do not have as much spur of the moment times and single without kids guys cannot handle that... you have more responsibility (sports, scouts, school, homework, etc) that most single guys have no clue in relation too -- or single women as well. Its also hard for a single no kids person to relate to the idea that yes I want your support and backup but discipline is my responsibility and yes your suggestions I will listen to with an open mind - but do not fight with me or tell me what I am doing wrong - you do not even have kids! As for the ex factor - some venting comes along about the ex but in our case very little drama - I can see in some cases where drama is a factor.. also dating a single parent keep in mind single parents do not have time or desire to deal with games... they want someone family oriented and real/ serious who are not just playing games... they not only deserve good for themselves but for their kids as well.. so its a whole new game when it comes to dating single parents.
I am a single mom and found it easier to date a man without kids. Although they do not have the parenting skills, they can learn.

Being a single parent and dating a single parent is hard! It's like double the stress!!! Although they may be understanding regarding the whole situation with, ex's, court, parenting plans... they are better off as friends.
ok i am a single mom of 4 and I am dating a single dad of 3 and it is tough but the main thing you have to do if it get serious is blend all of them as one family and treat them all equal. if not serious relation make sure its someone u can trust with your kids and make sure that you do not introduce them until you know they will stick around cause kids don't understand any of it and want stability.
I would never introduce my child to someone I wasn't serious about myself. So, keep the introduction at bay until you feel that the person is special to you. You don't want people running in and out of your child's life. Also, it helps if you date someone who is in the same boat, someone who also is a single parent. When you feel the time is right to introduce your child to the person you are dating, don't bring them to your home. Make it a casual, short meeting, maybe over pizza. Then gradually bring them around more. Personally, I would never have the person spend the night when the child is there either. Other than that, it's not too much different.
well i dated and married a single mom. It is really hard because not only do you have to earn the respect of the mom you have to earn the respect of the kid(s). You also have to take into consideration the in-laws do they like you or not. if they don't they WILL get those kids to despise you and there is no way to fix that. my ex-father-in-law did with my exs daughter and now a main part we divorced is because of that.

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