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How complicated is it to be a single parent?

I realize that by having both my husband and I in the home, we probably have some conveniences single-parents do not. One thing I thought of was returning babysitters home. How do you work through things like this? I realize there are hundreds of other differences/problems. What are they and how do you solve them?How complicated is it to be a single parent?
I find it a lot less complicated than my friends who are married. No one to answer too. If the house is a mess ...i don't have to worry about a husband coming home to be p'd off because it is not spotless. If we want to have an easy tea I don't have to worry about what the hubby will have. Only downside is no help for the things like outside maintanance of the house.. Being able to duck out for milk once the kids are asleep. As for babysitters I am very lucky as my parants are near by and I can leave them there or if it is a school night my mum comes here. There are a few downsides but really the stresses I see my friends have with husbands I am actually thankful I don't have their problemsHow complicated is it to be a single parent?
I have to agree with Rachel. There are a lot of things about my life as a single parent that are much easier than when I was married. I am in charge of my house, and if I can't get to the dishes today, no one's going to question why or put me down. I can make plans for myself and my child and not have to work around someone else's schedule. I get tons of one-on-one time with my son, because it's just the two of us (with a baby on the way).

Some things are a little more complicated. I can't just run to the store by myself if I'm out of eggs. I don't have anyone to help out if I'm sick; I just have to tough it out. I do rely more on babysitters than I would if I had a partner. (But I have great babysitters -- all old enough to have their own car, btw.) And sometimes it would be nice to have someone to step in and help with discipline when I'm frazzled and the boy's being a little you-know-what.

But it's mostly a wonderful thing. It's my life; I chose it and I love it; and I do the best I can.
single parent . it a very hard thing to do ,,,, it all go 24/7 it has it up and downs mainly down ,,, lack of money, housing , transport , you name it there ,, women have promblem coping with it too,,, they need family support but some have nobody ,,, as the kids reach teen years it get worse , in to trouble , loss respect blame there mother .. really is a life that no would wsh on anyone ,,, i not a single parent but work in social agency and seen it daily

i am not a single parent myself,but i have to say i really admire and respect all the single parents out there.i know someone who is a single parent. she says its very hard trying to be mother and father both, but she says its very rewarding at the same time.
Well, like most single parents rely on other people beside babysitters. They rely on friends, and other relatives. My dad is sometimes gone for his work and we live around my mom's two best friends and my grandmother. We also have problems like my mom doesn't get off of work until 4:00pm but I get off of school at 2:45pm and my sister gets off at 3:15pm. So I ride the bus to the high school where my mom works and my sister and her best friend walk to her best friends house which is close to the school and are later picked up by my mom at 4:15pm.
It's definitely hard but if you want to have a kid than go ahead I wish you the best of luck.
You need to be organized and take no crap before it's time. Children sometimes argue with their parents, ask mom, ask dad, ask mom, ask dad and a single parent doesn't have time for this. It's definitely a hard job because there seems to be no time for yourself except in the car on the way to work. I rarely went out late, so babysitters weren't a problem because we took her home together. Sometimes when the only person you have to depend on is yourself you need to pick and choose what's important and do the best you can. You have to realize you cannot be all things to all people and get the kids to realize this, too. Some kids with 2 parents are in every activity. My kids could choose one club and one activity because I don't have time to be running around alot. But guess what -- when kids needed to be picked up for a club, the single parent did the picking up and the 2-parent families did nothing. So your life is what you make it.
being a single parent is very compliated. I my self never had to take the babysitter home. I all ways used neighbor or my mom and dad and they would keep my son over night. But as a single parent didid not go out very much by myself . What monley I did have to go play with I would use so I was able to do things with my son. I myself think thta some jof the hardest times was when he was sick and i had no one to help me take care of him or if i was sick no help but you just move on with life. Well today my son is 18 and in the Army so i think i did a very goood job at being a singel parent
Very. Both working to support your kids and helping them become something and finding time to your own personal development is commendable. I stand in awe of single moms.
I am a single dad. I have custody of my 10 year old girl and 6 year old boy. She is a deadbeat mother so i cannot rely on her for anything. I have had to turn down a promotion and take another position inside the company I work for. I took an 8-5 position so I could have a set time I would be home with my kids. I never have a lone time much less adult time. I do what i need to do for the kids.(they come first.) I drop them off at school, camp, sitters when I go to work and my brother picks them up and keeps them until I get home. I do all the cooking cleaning at the house I will ask for help from the kids. I have found that in my house I am 25% PARENT and 75% REFEREE. They do fight a lot over silly things but they are brother and sister and they also get along. I have had many complements on how good my kids are. So I have to be doing something right. I do get tired a lot. But It is worth every minute to have them safe with me.
well if I go out and get a sitter I ask them to stay over so that I don't have to wake the kids to get them home, I don't get to go to the store by myself so we have a routine, they each get three stickers, if they don't behave I take them away one at a time, at the end of the shopping trip, if they still have a sticker, they get a cookie from the bakery, that works for me, I think that single parents just have to be a little more organized, that's all.
it's easier for me being a single parent. my older son's father was less than great; to put it nicely. the younger son's father has never been around. (yeah, it's amazing who people change when they find out they're going to be a parent.) i have no problems getting a sitter. most will come to my house. moneywise, it's easy as what i make is for me and my kids. no i don't get child support. never have for either son. it makes me work even harder. my family is the biggest help you could imagine. both my kids are very well behaved..... just great smart kids. they don't miss having a father around. the older perfers not to be around his father. he's older and see the way things are; even says he likes having ';just mom and the boys time';.
Being a parent is not easy, period. If there are 2 of you then the child tries to use you against eachother or what every. If there is only one then you have the problem of is the girl getting enough time with a woman or the boy getting enough guy time. Or does the boy now how to treat a lady or does the girl grow up being anti men. Money of course is an issue and time because you cant be there as much as 2 can. How do you solve then? the same way any parent does by pulling out your hair
im a single mother of 2 and 1 on the way my worse problem is being the only one there to always discipline them then i feel like the bad person all the time i never get a break from that the other one is i never get to go anywhere alone there always with me besides work its rough

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