Thursday, January 21, 2010

How do I balance being a single parent with work and college?

Im only 18 and about to graduate high school. Im afraid that I wont be able to balance work, parenting, college, and me time. Does anyone ahve any advice?How do I balance being a single parent with work and college?
Kudos to you for wanting to continue your education! I too was an 18yr old parent trying to manage work, parenting and college. Trust can be done however, you will need some help.

I waited tables during that time and went to a community college and took classes on Tues %26amp; Thurs. I worked Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat. Apply for childcare assistance through your local Dept. of Human Services office to help you with daycare expenses. Create a schedule for the evenings to better manage your time and put your child to bed at 7:30pm so you can have a bit of ';me'; time.

Good luck!How do I balance being a single parent with work and college?
I'm here to tell you that my sister did it. While working full-time %26amp; being a single parent, she managed to get her bachelor's degree. If you believe it, you can achieve it:)

Best Wishes:)
You should've thought about that BEFORE you had unprotected sex. The fact that you're a parent now leaves very little ';me time';. What ';me time'; you DO are going to spend trying to support yourself, your child and better your future. You're in for one heck of a challenge. I hope you have family around you to help you out. Good luck.
I'm 23 and i work full time and go to school part time and have a 7 month old. I also have my husband, who works full time goes to school part time. I would say as long as you have good babysitters you should be fine. But you will have no ';me'; time after having a baby. That's a consequence of having babies.
maybe you could try online least you will be home with the have to have a lot of self discipline for them....but you can do it...Good luck
Well, it is possible to do, it's just not as easy as it otherwise would be. I suggest taking as many of your prerequisites online through a community college. You can then transfer them to your university or continue at the community college. Maybe take one face to face class per semester at first and the rest online until you run out of online options. It helps a great deal and you can still get a babysitter if you need alone time to study.

As for work, I did two double shifts and one single shift a week which freed me up for the rest of the week. It is a lot that way but I worked night shift and morning shift so I still had time with my girls. It of course depends what field you are in. You can do stock shelves on third shift or I worked as a nurse asssistant in a psych hospital which pays great for nights and you can actually get a lot of studying done on the night shift.

Hang in there, you will get through it. And the quicker you get done with the college the quicker you'll have more time to spend with your child and the less hours you'll have to work to support yourselves.

Me time? Hmmm... a lot less of that. I think you'll get it when you're done with college. Just enjoy the interaction with co-workers and other students and try to focus on using the rest of your time for your kids. When you're finished with college you can pick back up on a social life and more me time.
Oh, it's so hard but it's feasible! You have to be a good parent first and foremost. Because your time will be consumed by working and going to school, most ';me'; time will have to be spent with your child. Just keep in mind the end result and what a great life you'll be able to have for your child if you continue on your plotted course. Best wishes on your success though. You'll be so happy you got a degree at the end of it, trust me!

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