Saturday, January 23, 2010

What are good books for children grieving a parent's death?

I am looking for books for two little boys whose father recently died in a car accident. The oldest is in the 3rd grade and the youngest is in kindergarten. Any suggestions would be appreciated.What are good books for children grieving a parent's death?
check with the local funeral home when my kids father passed away suddenly from a heart attack. the funeral home director gave me a couple of pamphlets about grieving for a parent and it helped me explain to them where he was and gave them some why's and becauses for going to heaven like he did. It helped them alot and its been 8 yrs now and they still miss him but its easier for them to understand so check with the funeral home. if that doesn't work try your church if or the hospitals chaplain he/she might have a couple of books on grieving for children.What are good books for children grieving a parent's death?
My dad died when I was in the 2nd grade.(committed sucide) anyways- my teachers gave me a book called The Fall of Freddie the Leaf. Anyways, this book is about life, and how life always changes. It was a very good book that I still read and cherish to this day!

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i really dont think there is books. You just got to be there for them when they want to talk about it. My mom died when i was in 4th grade, and the only way people were able to help me is to give me space, and when i wanted to talk they would be there
When my friend died I gave her a book called

';Balloons for Trevor: Understanding Death (Comforting Little Hearts Series)'; by Anne Good Cave

I used to love that book even though no one in my family died.
Maybe tell them about heaven and how daddy is happy now.That's what my mom did when people died in our family.
im sorry

but i dont think books are the way to go

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