Thursday, January 21, 2010

How accurate are DNA tests, when one parent is deceased and the DNA is done on the grandparents?

My daughter was pregnant when her boyfriend of 10 yrs died in a river rafting accident in June 3 yrs ago. Neither one of them knew of the pregnancy at the time. She gave birth to a beautiful baby boy only one day after her deceased boyfriend's birthday in September. A DNA test was done of the paternal grandparents, but was inconclusive. (paternal grandfather may not be the biological parent of the deceased). Should another DNA test be done on grandmother and other siblings?How accurate are DNA tests, when one parent is deceased and the DNA is done on the grandparents?
Yes. they need to do another DNA on Grandmother and if he had any Brothers and Sisters also. In that way they can identify some of DNA cell and molecules that are in the same line of parenting relative. To explain easy for you to understand In the DNA of the baby father, brother or sister they will find some, molecule, and chromosomes and cell that will be identical at the ones for the baby. In that case they can identified that the baby is related to there brother and be the baby father. This is a very expensive test. Find a very Good Reputable Forensic Medicine lab to have this test done. But it can be done.

I Hope you get to do this soon and prove that the baby. Find baby picture of your boyfriend and compare with your baby鈥檚 picture in that way you will see the resemblance in the family lineage. Good luck to you. I tell you this because of my personal experience with my father. When his father died .The family was denying that daddy was there son. But when they start looking at the family tree and pictures of my grandfather. It came out to light some picture of grandfather when he was young and it was the spitting image of my father they could it be twins. After that there were no more questions about it.

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