Thursday, January 21, 2010

What is the best advice for a parent with new born before flu season?

I have a new born (4 months) at home and a kid starting her kindergarten this year. Obviously we are concerned about the H1N1 news out there and how bad it is going to get come fall (In USA).

Given this situation what is the best advice i can get to protect my child specially the new born as he is too young and his sister could potentially carry, god knows what, from her school.

Appreciate your inputs and help.What is the best advice for a parent with new born before flu season?
The biggest source of disease spreading is children your daughter's age. For example, the flu most commonly infects children her age, but most commonly kills newborns or the elderly, not children her age. But it is for that reason that flu shots for children your daughter's age are pushed so heavily, to protect newborns and the elderly.

Teach your daughter strict hand hygeine. If she gets sick, try to make sure she uses a separate bathroom and stays away from the baby. Be conscious of any public place where lots of people touch - doorknobs, light switches, shopping cart handles, even those plastic pens you sign credit cards with now. Anything that lots of people tough, try to use some hand sanitizer (which does have some efficacy against viruses) afterwards. Since your son if 4 months old, you should get him the flu shot when he is 6 months old. Also get your daughter and you and your husband the shot as soon as the vaccine is available (late Sept).

As far as the Swine flu, don't worry too much about it as it is relatively mild. It is mutating to potentially more dangerous strains, but those likely won't turn into another pandemic by this winter.What is the best advice for a parent with new born before flu season?
Wash everyone's hand's often. Disinfect used items like phones, door handles, tv remotes, backpacks, pencil boxes. Teach the school aged child about things like not sharing drinks or food, how to cover her mouth in her elbow when she sneezes or coughs(hopefully this is being taught at school already). Wipe down grocery carts before sitting your child in them, wipe down fast food restaurant tables before letting the child eat off them.

When taking the baby out, just pull the sun shade down and cover the rest of the open space with a light weight blanket to avoid those pesky people who want to touch and get right up in your baby's face.

I'm sure I'm going to get TD for this advice, but this is what I practice and my children are rarely sick.

Congrats on the little one!

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