Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why are people required to take parenting classes before they become a foster parent, but not a blood parent?

Why is it that the law requires people to take parenting classes before they become a foster parent, but..

When a couple is expecting a biological child, the law doesn't require them to take any classes.

That sounds one-sided to me; shouldn't all soon-to-be-parents be held to the same standards?Why are people required to take parenting classes before they become a foster parent, but not a blood parent?
This question is an easy one to answer. The reason is simple. Foster parents are caring for someone else's children, the blood parent is taking care of their own children. Even though some of the biological parents need to have classes prior to having children of their own, and really should be required to have parenting classes they are not required by law to do so. Many times we have babies having babies who are totally unprepared to do so. There are higher standards for foster parents, background checks, fingerprints submitted, after you become a foster parent you then live in a glass house, your life is an open book. If this were true for biological parents we probably wouldn't have as many parents in the first place. Actually if people were truely made aware of how prevelent and powerful CPS really is the United States, and the lives of our parents today. They are removing children left and right for the smallest infraction, or even the slighest punishment or any kind of parental rights they would be astonished. Parents are afraid to spank, or discipline their children in any way shape or form and our teens are showing it, we are raising the next generation of rebelious adults who have no respect for anyone, including themselves, or any authoritive figure as a result of that lack of discipline. We can thank CPS for that.....Dr. Spock already apologized for his part in this epedemic many years ago thank you. Now in a few years it will be your turn CPS. Why are people required to take parenting classes before they become a foster parent, but not a blood parent?
Dear Healthy Person,

It would be an ideal world if expected parents or all parents could take parent training classes before they became parents. The incidence of child abuse and neglect may decrease. This is one reason why parent training should be offered in high schools to prepare our future parents to be on what the responsibilities are to becoming a parent. I believe in sex education before children make the mistake and do the wrong thing. Most young people do not consider the consequences of pre marital sex, food, medical care, housing/shelter for their baby and themselves and how they are going to sustain a life with no income or even a decent education to get that adequate job to take care of a family. I am in all support of teens taking a ';baby doll, which wets, and cries home for several days so they can get some understanding of what responsibility is. Please join our group MEFAC- multi ethnic foster and adoption of children, however it is open to any one who wants to gain understanding and knowledge of important issues of today.

Please send your e-mail address and I will be glad to keep you informed of the latest news and information on child abuse and neglect and how we can aid in prevention of this problem. Thank you


A child advocate
I dont think it should be mandatory to take parenting classes when you are having a one should be able to make you do that. I mean what are they going to say take these classes or well take your baby??!! Think about it that would be alot of people taking that class. But expecting mothers do have the choice to take a free parenting class. Anyways foster parents however need to take this class because they taking on troubled kids and they are also recieveing money for this so they need the proper training.
Because this is the equivalent of when in school, one person was naughty, so the whole class got to stay behind.

Most of us are decent parents, who love our kids and make sacrifices (by which I am not just talking money) to make sure they have what they need to make them grow into well adjusted kids.

Why should we be punished (and make no mistake about it, that's what these ';parenting for dummies'; classes are) for bringing a child into the world? Further more, whilst we are at these classes, who is looking after our children?

If I were to have to take a parenting class for my second child, who is now overdue, but that's by the by. Does that mean my first, for whom I did not have to take a class, is neglected?

What is it with society nowadays? They are not happy unless they can interfere in every aspect of every-bodies lives. We never used to assume that parents were incompetent unless they proved otherwise, why do we do so now?

I agree 100%. It should be mandatory. If I had it my way there would be a strict list of ';minimal requirements'; lol. Probably won't ever happen though. Seeing as the ones that wouldn't pass, are the first to scream ';I have rights';.

It is onesided, and not the very least.

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