Sunday, January 17, 2010

How often should you visit a parent in a nursing home?

Lets say you live or work 10 minutes away.

How often should you visit and how long should you stay?How often should you visit a parent in a nursing home?
Well, it's a difficult question, but you've got to ask yourself if, and how much, you love this person.

I mean, if it's a cold, distant domineering parent who made your life a living hell, maybe once a week, maybe less?

But, if it's your beloved cherished parent who cuddled you and read to you and baked cookies with you and supported your every effort and endeavor, then, if you're only 10 minutes away, every day at first, tapering off to every other day, then every third day as time goes on.

And, don't forget, your parents are people too, so it's not only how often you should see THEM, it's also how often they want to see YOU, too, so, don't be shy, ask them what they're comfortable with.

One big mistake children make when caring for their aging parents is infantilizing them. In other words, turning them into children who they order about rather than listen to and take seriously, so be very careful about that, because it can happen without you even realizing it, so really, truly listen to them when they talk!

Good luck, and the link below is to a webpage about ';Making Your Nursing Home Visits Count';...How often should you visit a parent in a nursing home?
Um i would make a certain day and time, like Sundays at 2 - 3;30 and always for special events. They have special things that the home which you can be a part of and enjoy with your parents. You need to visit at least once a week, and call more than that. you parents are at the end of their line, they are in a nursing home. they don't have much time left, so you need to see them at least 1 - 2 times per week, and spend about an hour or so with them. If you don't you will feel like **** for letting your mama rot away alone in a cold nursing home. Also, by visiting her you will be keeping her mind sharp and feeling better about her situation. Old people know that at some point they revert back to being like a baby, they need all the help they can get. But they aren't babies, they are very wise and smart and still need the same amount of social interaction that they got when they didn't live at the nursing home. Also, by visiting once a week you can make sure that the nursing home is in working order, and that your parents are being well taken care of. you have no idea what a nursing home did to my grandpa before he died, and my grandma was there everyday. nursing homes pick the lowest of the low nurses to work for them, so most of them don't care about their jobs, and they don't make much anyway to deal with old dying people.
you should visit as frequently as your schedule permits. if you notice you haven't been able to go for a while, make a longer visit.. but if you are going, say , every other day, then you can maybe do shorter visits. either way, your parent will greatly appreciate just seeing and hearing from you, no matter how long you stay.
You should visit as much as possible. How would you feel if you were stuck in a nursing home? Also, you should stay as long as they can remember who you are. These are your parents and you should show them more respect than that.
there's no right or wrong it is up to you

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