Thursday, January 21, 2010

How many of you have criticized a parent for spanking in public?

Don't you think you are doing more harm than good? Do you actually think you know better than the parent? Did you know that spanking is NOT illegal?

I am not talking about parents that physically beat their children to a pulp. I am talking about the parents that spank their children for misbehaving.

I am so sick of people saying that they call the cops when they see children being punished.How many of you have criticized a parent for spanking in public?
I never have.

What I HAVE done many times, is wonder why in the world a parent DOESN'T bust their kid's butt.... so often you see kids being absolute monsters and the parents not doing a thing.How many of you have criticized a parent for spanking in public?
Great question, nice answer!!!! take another point from me, lol

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i was one of those kids who got spanked in public, it may teach the kid 2 behave in public if they were embarassed with a little spank. it worked 4 me, because my parent pulled my pants right down-- it didn't matter who was watching--and gave a few light slams along with some words.

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I don't call cops on people for spanking, because it's not illegal. But if they are punching the kid in the face or something, I'll whip my cell phone out right then and there. I might even take a picture so I have proof.

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But you must also remember that even if you disagree with someone criticizing, in America they still have the right to do so under the First Amendment. That is the price of freedom of speech, that you will occasionally have to hear things you don't like or want to hear.

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And if you're going to spank in public in a country that has freedom of speech, you're going to have to be prepared to encounter people who will openly criticize you. The most I've ever done for spanking is walk past and say ';I see you are training a bully. Good day';...and walk away.

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All the bullies who bullied me as a kid were kids who were spanked regularly. This was how they were taught to deal with things. If you don't want to be criticized for spanking in public, don't spank in public. Plain and simple. Sorry this is not what you want to hear but that's the way it is.

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Freedom of speech ROCKS!

Whoever you vote for in November, make sure they support keeping it alive.

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i got spanked as a toddler in public for throwing a tantrum

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I used to get spanked! that was 5 years ago but I used to have to drop my pants! some people don't spank there kids in public because they could get arrested. my parents use to just wait until we got home to do it. I used to get spanked with a belt or a paddle or a wooden spoon. VERY norm.

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I used to get spanked! that was 5 years ago but I used to have to drop my pants! some people don't spank there kids in public because they could get arrested. my parents use to just wait until we got home to do it. I used to get spanked with a belt or a paddle or a wooden spoon. VERY norm.

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No, I haven't. But all of these people who are against it need to let it be. This is not abuse nor will it cause lifelong trauma. I just mind my own business when I see it happen. Maybe alot of you should to.
Never, but I have never seen a spanking get out of hand. Children need to be whipped on the behind sometimes, and not enough of you do good sissies do it, that is why your children act like they are the boss in your house ( Guess what, they ARE ! ) Probably end up in Juvy and talk like trailor trash, ghetto thug wanna-be's.
NEVER! Kids need to know who is boss! When I was a kid is was enough for my dad to say if I didn't stop what I was doing we were going to the car. I knew that meant I was gonna get my butt spanked! You can't control when your kids are going to act up so you have to do something about it right then and there!

On the other hand I have wondered why parents don't control there kids!
I agree with Mary, I think you need to nip the bad behavior in the butt, or it will only escalate as they age.
i'm with you. actually, there have been quite a few times when i wished parents would take control of their kids in stores. sometimes i hear a parent tap their little one on the butt and think, good for you.
The liberals should not be allowed to force all of us to accept their views.

If I wish to teach my children right from wrong by awarding them when they are good and punishing them when they are bad that is my choice not to be dictated by someone that can not even control their own children.
I have never done that and never would. Only one time did I ever say anything and that was a abuse situation that 5 other people reported to protective services also. If a kid gets a swat on the butt for a good reason then GOOD!!!!
Do not spank or severly chastize your child in public. Even at your home, take your child into another room away from company. If your child is misbehaving so badly in public that he or she needs a firm swat on the butt, then it is time for you to leave and go to your car or return to your home.
I've never confronted anyone, no. But doesn't it occur to you that punishment means many more things than just spanking?

My daughter's been with me a couple times someone has been spanked. It's never done ';with control, not in anger'; as so many repeatedly claim. It's done by a ticked off, aggravated parent. My daughter just looks at me with these sad eyes when she sees a child being hit. It makes me physically ill to see a child flinch when their parent raises their hand. It's the saddest thing in the world.

I welcome the thumbs down, go right ahead and give 'em. My child is not spanked, is extremely well-behaved and well-mannered, more so in public than at home, and I'm complimented on her behavior regularly. She's disciplined all the dang time - just not with my hands. There are other ways.

There are other ways.
I'm sick of that too. If I see a parent spanking in public, I applaud them. That's what's wrong with kids these days, the parents are so scared to discipline them. If I spanked my son and somebody had the nerve to say something, I'd just laugh and walk away.
I remember once, when my son was about 6, he kept touching food on the shelves in the grocery store after i told him a million times not to. He then grabbed a glass jar of olives for some reason and dropped it by accident, sending olives and glass everywhere! I hit his hand once and started yelling at him for not listening. He wasn't even phased by what had happened and I was very frustrated. A woman walked down the isle after hearing the noise, and instead of calling an employee over to help with the mess, she called one over because she said i was beating my child! Of course this didn't make matters any better and i had a LOT of things to say to that woman. Since that day, i never hit any of my kids in public for misbehaving nor did my son ever touch anything again in the grocery store. I'd give them a look and they knew that they would be in BIG trouble when they got home.

I agree with you! I have NO patience or respect for those people who threaten with the cops, told me that I was abusing my child or a bad mother. You then look at those people later on in the store and see them very frustrated with their own children, trying to get their kids to behave by saying ';stop'; and ';no'; a hundred times, failing to be firm and of course, seeing no results. And they had the nerve to say that i was a bad parent!? A swat on the hand or butt isn't abuse. If you believe it is, you need to read about an abusive case. I'm not saying ';Hitting your kids is the answer to gettng them to listen!'; because it's not. It was something i did very rarely. I punished my kids with timeouts and loss of privileges too. But i am in a huge believer in the saying Mind Your Own Business. I don't remember anyone else helping me in labor while i brought my kids into this world, therefore i don't need anyone else's help in bringing them up in this world. Unless you see a child in LIFE THREATENING situation, do yourself a favor, and move on. They aren't your child to parent, so don't offer your opinion.

I've always been strict with my children and I'm glad. They don't hate me because of it either. I've been told since my kids were little that they are very well behaved. They weren't born that way. They learned how to act through love and disaplint. Occasionally they wouldn't listen, but they never got to the point where they were walking all over me.

They're now 17,15 %26amp; 12, and are all very respectful, happy teenagers. They make mistakes, but everyone does. :) I couldn't be more proud of them and wouldn't change anything about the way i brought them up.
My perosnl opinion is Im completely PRO spanking. NOT beating just spanking (bottom only) no slapping or anything like that. That is how I was raised, and I turned out very disciplined. I think that people that actually have enough odasity to get involved in other peoples parenting, obviousely are not very good parents themselves. So yes the people that are trying to parent our children makes me nuts.
It is illegal here in scotland, i think if you have to spank your child you are losing control and this is not good for the child to see. snd nine times out of ten you feel guilty for doing it.
I'm sick of everyone being in everyone else's business, to be honest. Let me raise my children and you raise yours. I don't criticize other parents because I know I'm not perfect!!
I have never, and I dare anyone to criticize me for handling my child the way I see fit.

I did, however, once see a woman whipping a baby on a changing table in the ladies room with the strap of her purse and you better believe I called security as did another woman who saw it as well. But that is not spanking; that was abuse and the child couldn't have been more than 6 or 7 months old.
i wish we couldnt be afraid of some idoit calling the cops on you because sometimes your kids really need a spanking thats what is wrong with the kids today no spankings
I spanked my child at a JC Pennys one day because my son bit me in the face when I bent down to tell him to stop doing something. I was getting all these nasty looks and one woman told me I was a trashy mother. Screw them, they didn't know what was going on, and besides if their child bit them and they didn't do anything about it, they are idiots! But, that was the only time I have ever spanked my child in public. I don't spank much at home either. Only when I really want to get the point across to him as a last resort. I prefer time outs most of the time.
I don't criticize the actual spanking, but I don't necessarily agree with doing in front of complete strangers. That is humiliating for the child as well as the parent. Same goes for yelling and belittling the child in front of others. Humiliation is more abusive than a good old-fashioned spanking...
Never. I ahve been the wacked-out parent (and hormones were involved, unbeknownst to any of us) who has done her best to stop yellinga nd screaming- did I hit him in public- I must have, once or twice, but a slap at most.


I have been the parent with no other recourse...

but really, the worst damage you're doing is psychological.

The spanking is pretty bad.

But undermining a parent in front of the child can be WORSE.

The part of the child that is rightfully indignant and hurt can become overgrown and just HATE the parent, who may be right in the end.

And then again,

the child may want to PROTECT the parent from any and all judgment by others- I can talk about my own mother but YOU better not say a word.

So, you end up with not only an embarrassed child, but a child who is confused, and whose identity through parent-identification actually becomes attacked by outside criticism.

Better to let it be.

If there is that much abuse, then the effects will be seen and caught (hopefully) by the teacher, the aunt, etc.
no i do not...but i think them yelling at them and yanking them by the arm is not the way to handle things shouldnt spank your child in public nor yell at them....take care of it when you get home. give a firm warning in the store/public
if a parent cannot control there anger for the time they are out in public, just imagine what they do at home, not to mention how it scares my children to see another child being abused, i never threaten to call the police unless a child is being severely hurt, but do i judge, YES I DO, as i try to explain to my children how wrong it is and that the parent does not know any better, they are lazy and ignorant to other methods, they spend there time defending there actions rather then finding new ways to discipline
Well someone has to stick up for the little guy. If you can't control your anger and aggression, then maybe you need to be told not to enforce physical punishment on someone smaller than yourself. Have you heard the saying ';pick on someone your own size?'; It has meaning behind it, and small children should not be hit by their parents, when they are too small to defend themselves. So it is not illegal, yet, everything was once legal, but that doesn't make it right.

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