Thursday, January 21, 2010

How do you find out if a parent that has passed had life insurance to cover himself & property?

My friends father passed away, he had old him if he would to pass that the insurance on his home would cover paying the home off and any outstanding bills and that he also had life insurance. We are still getting bills to pay for life insurance, but we can't get the executor to look into this.How do you find out if a parent that has passed had life insurance to cover himself %26amp; property?
Secret Squirell, you say that ';We are still getting bills to pay for life insurance ... ';

Why are you getting bills for the life insurance -- or did you mean your friend is still getting bills?

Any bills in any way related to the deceased ought be sent to the Executor -- including the life insurance bill ! The Executor is legally bound to settle the estate -- which includes any and all ';bills';.

I imagine one could, in such a circumstance, ';play dumb'; and contact the life insurance company sending the bills, and advise them of the death -- however as another poster commented, it will take a *certified copy* of the death certificate from the executor in order for any funds to be paid. (The funds will be paid into an Escrow Account -- which the Executor is duty-bound to establish -- and the final distribution will be made from that account.)

You didn't mention who the Executor is -- if and how they are related to the deceased. Settling an estate can be a daunting task, with or without an attorney ... and it can take a fair amount of time to get the necessary paperwork together, file the papers with the probate court, wait for publication of the ';Appointment of Executor'; in the newspaper, not to mention getting all of the heirs to agree to terms, releases, etc. -- all of which is to say, the Executor may be a bit ';stressed out'; with all of this ... (especially if they are closely related to the deceased).

This is *not* to suggest that you shouldn't be able to get a response from the Executor within a reasonable period of time. In the last resort, your friend may wish to consult an attorney himself.

But don't pay any bills! -- And forward everything to the Executor (you may want to keep copies of what you send, along with the dates you sent it).How do you find out if a parent that has passed had life insurance to cover himself %26amp; property?
What's this executor up to? Who has power of attorney? This sounds fishy. If your friend still gets the bill, I say your friend needs to make and keep a copy of all bills and contact the insurance company on his own. If he gets no where, he may have to consider to ';move'; the executor via a lawyer's ';help';.
Property insurance will be on the mortgage and will pay it off upon reciept of a death certificate from the executor.

Life insurance is a policy found among important papers; or maybe by a check for a premium payment. There is no central database of life insurance policy. YOu have to present it to make a claim
You should probably get a lawyer in any case if you stand to inherit something. Why won't the executor look into it? If you're on friendly terms approach this person again and explain in detail and provide as much evidence as possible that you believe there may be insurance out there. If the person is going to stonewall you you might have to get a lawyer.

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