Sunday, January 17, 2010

What is it like becoming a parent for the first ever time in your life?

In what ways did your life change when you first became a parent?

What age do you think is the most challenging to be a parent at, even though there is no age where parenting is easy?What is it like becoming a parent for the first ever time in your life?
Remember when you were a child and when it was christmas or a birthday and you were all excited cause you knew you were going to get a gift but never knew what it would be that's what it's like being a parent for the first time it's new and exciting and you can't put it down and you stare at it constantly and think i made that and it's mine for ever,and you've never felt so much love and pride for anyone ever ,you'll be tired and broke

The most challenging part of being a parent is when they grow up and some how they don't need you as much it's hard to let go of the baby and let them be teenagers as i'm experiencing just now ,but i still love being a parent would not swap it for anything ever.What is it like becoming a parent for the first ever time in your life?
Hello, regarding your question, I was 28 when i become a parent for the first time and it changed my life so much it is unbelievable because once the baby is born it has to come 1st you have to come second regarding what age is the most challenging i wa 28 and i found it very challenging and yes you are correct there is no age when being a parent is easy ! But i would think becoming a parent at a very early age would have to be more challenging because you don't have any life experience's so it will be more difficult It is a wonderful experience as well because the baby is something out of love that is how my husband and i felt we looked at him and said my god did we make him he is so beautiful you walk around in a world of your own f a while i am pregnant with my third now but it is still such a wonderful experience i cant wait f it to be born I hope i have answered your question Best Wishes Angela
Well, I was quite young when I had my child and I think that age doesn't affect the feeling of being a parent for the first time. Although being a parent can be challenging at times it is worth every minute. They make you proud every time you look at them, it's indescribable how much they mean to you from the moment the little bundle arrives. You would do anything for them that would make their life just a little bit better. My life changed quite a bit but in the best way possible and I now couldn't imagine life any differently.
Its the best feeling in the world, hearing that first cry,knowing that your baby is alive and healthy.

I live every day for my son, hes like a drug for me i get a high off of him all the time and i just crave more and more each time.


I don't think theres a 'right' age for parenting its all about your mental situation on wheather you choose 2 find it challenging or not.

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