Thursday, January 21, 2010

Can a blue eyed parent and a green eyed parent produce a child with brownish green eyes?

in humans are brown eyes necessarily dominant over blue eyes/green eyes or can they be a recessive gene in some cases?

oh and no, illegitimacy is not a issue. This person has way to much of a resemblance to the father.Can a blue eyed parent and a green eyed parent produce a child with brownish green eyes?
It is a fallacy that two blue eyed people cannot have a brown eyed child. The reason why, brown eyes are dominant so if a blue eyed person has any recessive brown eyed genes they are very weak. However you combine the two weak recessive genes from both parents and they can produce that trait in the children. In other words, if both of the blue eyed parents each had a brown eyed parent, there is a very good likelihood of their having a brown eyed child. I have seen this and like you state there is no illegimacy at issue.

Quite normally a product of a blue eyed, brown eyed marriage will be hazel eyed. My father had sky blue eyes and he had a brown eyed mother.Can a blue eyed parent and a green eyed parent produce a child with brownish green eyes?
My dad has hazel/more green eyes and my mum has blue/more green eyes and I have light light blue/green/gray and my brothers eyes are light blue/ Idk anything can happen.

Brown eyes often make blue...

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I think so......but I do know that 2 blue-eyed people can only have a blue-eyed child.
Yes, they can.

It's not as simple as the biology books present it.

For one thing, brown eyes and green eyes are basically the same thing. For another, I went to I went to school a classmate who had one blue eye and one green/brown eye. (The clerk at the DMV was discombobulated when she had to enter eye color into a form with too few options.)
That is absolutely possible. The only positive in eye colour is that two purely brown eyed parents will not have a blue eyed child. But brown eyes are both recessive and dominant and can show up in any child.
it goes back thru the family tree, grandparents, great grandparents etc
Yes they most absolutely can.鈥?/a>

Go to this link for more information on the determinants of eye color.

In the most simple explanation of genetics, it would appear that it is impossible for two blue eyed parents to produce a brown eyed child. But as this website explains, there's a lot of complexities involved in genetics, that aren't necessarily taught in the classroom.

You have to take into account both parents' own genetic history.

Eye color is determined by several factors.
yeah, it's possible.
It came from the green-eyed side. I'm not completely sure of the details but green eyes (and hazel eyes too) are like a minimum color version of brown eyes. Brown eyes with a low concentration of color pigment.
I'm not sure, but i thought i would put in that my eyes were blue as a baby, but they are light brown with a little green. colors of eyes can change as a child gets older
Yes, it's possible.

A child can have any eye color as long as both parents at least have that color as a recessive gene.

So even two brown eyed parents could have a child, it is also the same with hair; two brown haired parents could have a child with red hair but again, as long as both parents have at least the recessive gene.

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