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How does one honor an abusive parent, to obey the 4th commandment?

What does to honor actually mean, in the Bible? I am looking for some verbs, to describe how to behave when honoring.How does one honor an abusive parent, to obey the 4th commandment?
First of all you must be reading a Catholic Bible, because the Catholics are the ones who changed God's unchanging law. because God's fourth commandment is the seventh day Sabbath and Honoring thy mother and father is the fifth commandment.

You are to honor your parent's to the best of your ability as long it does not go against God's law.

For example; God said to ';remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy, thou shalt not do any work.'; and if your parents wants you to do the laundry and you refuse to do so you are not breaking God's law by refusing to do laundry on the Sabbath. and you are not breaking the fifth commandment because you are honoring God by showing your love toward HImHow does one honor an abusive parent, to obey the 4th commandment?
Ok first off take in mind that most in not all of the christens that are telling you to love and honor your abusive parent probably have never been abused. However your situation proves a very important point about religion in general. If one follows their doctrine to its fullest as it was meant to be followed it will harm them, it goes against human nature. I鈥檓 sure you turn the other cheek whenever your parent abuses you but what good dose that do for you. It doesn鈥檛 make you feel any better and your parent is still under the impression they can do this to you. How does respecting a person who has not earned it help anyone in anyway? It doesn鈥檛 and you have to stand up for yourself or you will grow to hate them both the abusive parent and the one not doing anything about it. Eventually you will move past it but I assure you it will be a lot harder if you let them walk all over you like a door mat. The problem with religion is it tells you to put others before yourself and then contradicts itself and say pull the plank from your own eye before you help someone else. So what do you do, first off think for yourself and drop the whole god things it鈥檚 nothing more than a clever lie to stop you from thinking for yourself. Then stand up for yourself, ether call cps on that parent or beat them to death in their sleep. No one and I mean no one should ever have to go through what you are going through. Home should be a safe place not a place of fear, and whatever you do just learn from it and never do this to your family. If you want any more help please e-mail me and I can help you put a stop to this crap.
Hi Pmow,

deliberate ';editing'; of the Bible by the Emperor Constantine and friends in the 4th to the 6th centuries.

Original text states ';honour thy Mother Goddess and thy Father God';

Constantine, a confirmed misogynist, had all the references to Goddess as well as all five books written by women removed from the Bible: See my latest book for more details.

There's actually more to it than this but this may help you get into the ';right'; direction.

Blessed be

Karma Singh
The fourth commandment is irrelevant to this situation. You were never a party to the old covenant. The requirement for people today is to have love even for an enemy. One can also love an abusive parent, and learn to forgive.

You empathize , you understand that they see only one logical choice from their perspective and chose the best one as they see it ....askewed or not //.Some hings are habit and honor doesn't mean laying down and letting people walk on you .. You can be proactive. You can listen to what the spirit of the lord is telling you and do ... that ..

You probably know exactly what it means
UHMMM, the 4th commandment is to remember the Sabbath to keep it Holy, so a good way to start would be to actually KNOW the commandment to which you are referring.
To honor them means to never speak or think bad of them. Hold them in your prayers and forgive them as much as it takes for you to be at peace. Obey is the word you're looking for, though.
She or he needs help to cope without abuse. Honour her or him by seeking counselling. Also get some yourself.
The abusive parent deserves no respect. get new parents and leave that home, you deserve a better life
By getting them some help.
It means, ';Do as I say, not as I do';
i kicked his butt.
鈥搗erb (used with object)

13. to hold in honor or high respect; revere: to honor one's parents.

14. to treat with honor.

15. to confer honor or distinction upon: The university honored him with its leadership award.

16. to worship (the Supreme Being).

17. to show a courteous regard for: to honor an invitation.

18. Commerce. to accept or pay (a draft, check, etc.): All credit cards are honored here.

19. to accept as valid and conform to the request or demands of (an official document).

20. (in square dancing) to meet or salute with a bow.

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